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Does anyone still believe in GOD?
66 Replies
hesmyeverything - November 20

Well, i just joined tonight, and what a thread to start with..When people are in pain and hurting and there's no relief, I'm not surprised people lash out at god..I hear a lot of "if god were a loving god, he wouldn't allow all this sadness, pain, hurting and evil that goes on" I've heard it said, that we are removing god from schools, courthouses, everywhere we turn, what do we expect? he's not going to force himself on us, we kick him out of everything, and then wonder why he allows our suffering as a nation, it's no big surprise to me.

Our pastor once said he knows his wife could be instantly healed of her ms (wheelchair bound), but she has witnessed to probably hundreds or thousands of people over the past 20 years, so there is a reason for everything. He marvels at all the people his wife has led to the lord through her illness and her strength through it.

Anyways, the pain i go through is bearable because i have him in my life,and iknow he hears me when i cry, and he knows my heart, when i'm too tired or weak to cry, he gives me the strength when i need it.

Alright, i have to go read some more of these wonderful threads. :)


kiwi4Jesus - November 20

I felt sad when I read your post. I couldn't get through each day with Fibromyalgia without God. Please don't pray to patron saints, they won't help you. God hasn't forsaken you sweetheart, we live in a fallen world and 'stuff' happens. We are not promised that we won't get sickness and neither are we promised that God will heal everything (we all die ultimately)but we are promised when we committ our lives to Him we will be given strength to cope. I am not sure how to do it but I am happy to get my email to you so you can 'talk' to me when you need someone. I have had Fibromyalgia for around 25 years now so I understand totally how you feel, but being a Christian is not about visiting people (although that is nice) its about trusting God and believing in Him even when you are going through trials and tribulations and being obedient to Him and especially reading the Bible. If you can't do that there are plenty of ways you can listen to the Bible being read. Blessings


kiwi4Jesus - November 20

Oh dear I just read your post where you said you were only kidding. What a selfish thing to do when so many people went out of their way to try and help you. I cannot understand why you would do that.


kivlanmaron - November 20

It's easy to believe in God when everything is going well. But is that really faith? If God is in everything, God is even in your pain. We are taught from the time we can understand that certain things are "good" and others are "bad." When we fall down and scrape our knee, our parents fuss and worry and we learn that this thing call "pain" is a BAD thing. We are taught to avoid it and fear it. I truly believe that our souls call experiences to us. We are going through exactly what we need to be, in order to grow in God. Everyone has pain. Some people, like fibromites, are challenged with literal, physical pain, and the emotional suffering that comes with it. Some of us are raped, tortured, beaten, abused. Some of us have depression. Some of us are stuck in marriages we don't want, and that is our pain. Everyone is going through something. I see no reason for us to feel pity. Empathy, sure. But we are not martyrs, none of us. We are blessed to experience life. Our minds are infinitely powerful, as are our perceptions. You can see your illness as an opportunity to lose faith in God and perpetuate despair in your life. Or, you can view it as a blessing: an opportunity for your soul to grow, through these growing pains, closer and closer to All That Is.


DeeAnnaN - November 22

I am so sorry you are feeling this way. I too have had my moments of anger towards God. What I have found is that He is there when no one else is. He is who comforts me through my pain, although he does not always relieve it. He is who sits with me and comforts me through an anxiety attack in a public place, sometimes I am relieved quickly, sometimes not, but I can always feel Him with me. He is who carries me and strengthens me when I am so fatigued I feel as if I cannot function, and know that three children depend only on me. I have had so many days spent sitting on the pity pot, wondering why me. But what I have finally realized, is why not me? Only through trial and error, have I found that giving thanks and showing gratitude for anything and everything I can possibly latch onto that is positive in my life is a huge key for me to keep God close in my life, and to maintain a decent attitude most of the time. When I get really low, I tell myself, "Better me than someone else", and that maybe, just maybe because I am suffering, maybe just maybe, someone else isnt. He never said it would be easy. He only said it will be worth it. Life and all its pain is but a knot in an endless string.


Canada17 - November 22

It is wonderful that you feel that way. But it is your faith, not God, who gets you through. It is your unwavering love for something inexplicable that comforts you. At least, that is my opinion.

I will never deny the power of faith. But is it God who helps the woman lift a car off her child or adrenaline?

I think the power that faith has over us allows us to push through anything because we believe there is an end to the means. And that in the end, it will all have been worth it.

But I don't necessarily believe that it is God who will be waiting for me. I think there are lessons and simple gifts along the path of life, and I think those are what make it worth it. And without pain, we wouldn't know to cherish them. Just like without loss, we wouldn't know how precious the people in are lives really are.

I do have faith, but not in God as the Bible puts it.


hesmyeverything - November 23

I think it's so cool that this came up, our sunday school lesson this morning was about, giving god the credit, instead of saying, I did it, I worked hard, I have the gift to do that..Where do we think that strength, and gifts, and abilities come from? God created us, and he gave us all different gifts, some are surgeons, some are preachers, some are missionaries, Everything we have is his, he is only letting us borrow it for the short time we are on this earth. We won't take any of it to the other side, no money, no cars, no houses, no material possessions, those are all left behind.

Personally, if i didn't know 100% that god would be waiting for me, i would see no point. that IS the point, that after living here, going through struggles, temptations, sadness, etc....that we can have eternal life with him after we are gone from this earth.

In order to have faith, you have to have faith in something,it is my faith in god that gets me through. Not something inexplicable, maybe that is how i used to feel, but not since i asked for his forgiveness of my sins, and asked him to come into my heart, that he became real to me. Sometimes i think it takes a sickness to bring us to that place where we realize we need him to help us through.


bwelladjusted - November 23

Thank you for your's so encouraging to have other Christians on this site. I completely agree about it sometimes taking an illness or trial to bring us to the place where we truly recognize our need for God. I've been a Christian for over 8 years, I was raised and home-schooled in a Christian family, and deeply rooted in the Christian faith. I was born-again, living a very set-apart life, but not really growing in my relationship with Christ. I was still trying to control my own life, and have my own plans for the future. It was only once I got sick, and lost a lot of the activities and achievements that I had relied on to feel secure and successful that I discovered my Jesus in a way I had never known Him before. In a way, my fibro was a gift. It gave me more time, fewer distractions, and a greater dependence upon my King. I have developed a deeper, closer relationship with Him than I have ever had before, spent more time in His presence, and learned to trust Him to turn my life into something beautiful.
Thanks for the encouragement. Sometimes it helps just to remember that there are other people going through the same thing. :)


Noca - November 23

I believe in God, I just hate him thats all.


hesmyeverything - November 23


I'm glad there are other christians on here as well, thank you for your kind words. I agree with everything you said, always nice to have the support of others with fms, and also other believers.

Noca, I hope and pray you really don't hate him, although he has broad shoulders, and he understands your frustration, i'm sure it grieves his heart, that you hate him, and despite that, he still loves you. I've been mad at god more times than i care to admit here on this board, but i also know that during my anger, and frustration with him, for the things he allows me to go through, he knew my heart, and knew while i was ranting and raving, that i still loved him, and once i calmed down, and told him i was sorry, i felt better. We are like children in his eyes, throwing a tantrum, and then he hugs us and it's all better (that's how it is for me, anyways) I'll pray for you.


Keturah - November 23

norca...even though you say you hate Him..He loves you more than anyone on earth could..He loves you so much that He died for you. Life can be very hard and cruel and difficult to walk alone. With Christ, life is still hard and cruel but He gives you peace and joy and you can face any trial...praying for you Norca...Ket


martyr - November 23

kiwi and canada,

I wasn't being spiteful or hateful or childish, or anything I'm being accused of. If you're such religious people, you should be kinder to me. I only wrote that because I get sick of bible thumpers pushing their views on others is all. Hey Noca, believe what you want. These people think they may have a hot line to God, but um, NOT!


Canada17 - November 23


I stated that your question was unnecessary if you weren't serious, that a lot of people put a lot of thought and effort into answering a valid question and for you to say you were only joking, belittled that effort.

I wasn't being unkind. Did you read all my posts? When did I say I was a religious person? And for that matter, when did I call you spiteful, hateful, or childish?

Perhaps before you start pointing fingers, you should take a look in the mirror. Because regardless of whether or not you believe in God, you must have some sort of moral compass.

And even though I do not believe in God, I wouldn't try to discredit what others believe. A "hot line" to God is prayer. If you believe in God, you believe that he can hear your prayers but it is up to him to decide whether or not you really need what you are praying for. Don't try to take that away from people by stating: "Hey Noca, believe what you want. These people think they may have a hot line to God, but um, NOT!"

That statement is even more unnecessary than you revealing that your original question was a joke.


martyr - November 23

Oh Jeez, relax already! Maybe we'd all feel less pain if we learned to laugh at ourselves and not take everything, especially religion, so seriously.


Canada17 - November 23


Religion is what gets a lot of people through the pain and suffering of many things, including FM.

I think most of us are able to laugh at ourselves, and need to, because of the problems associated with our FM. Things like Fibro Fog, balance issues, short-term memory loss - all instill in us a need to look at the lighter side of things.

Religion, no matter how YOU view it, is a serious thing to a lot of people. While you may think I am getting my knickers in a knot responding to your thoughtless comments, it is quite the opposite.

There are people on here who may feel thwarted by your comments because they thought you were being honest in asking the question you did. While I may not entirely agree with the basis of religion, that does not mean I will not defend those on here who believe in God.

Noca's comments are serious ones, to feel hatred towards God, whether you believe in him or not, can be detrimental to managing your pain. Hate is a strong emotion and causes stress and anxiety which only make our symptoms worse.

Maybe you should take these forums more seriously instead of laughing at us who do.


Canada17 - November 23

After re-reading your original post and taking into consideration your most replies to what people have been responding I've come to the following conclusion:

Your revelation that your OP was a joke seems to have more to do with the fact that you are unsatisfied with the fact that someone didn't offer up some patron saint for you to pray to to heal you of your FM than that you think we're all a bunch of bible thumpers pushing our religion on you. I thought this thread was about God, so why would people not talk about God?

If you *were* a very religious person, then you would know that God only gives you what you can handle, and that God has a special purpose and reason for everything. Why, if you were such a religious person, would you forsake God? God did not forsake you, He just didn't heal you. And yet you go on to say you don't believe in Him, even those who "hate" Him, believe He is there, just that He is not listening.

What makes you so special that you should be cured of your FM but not all the rest of us? If a parent gives something to one child, every other child would expect it too.



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