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Does anyone not take prescriptions?
4 Replies
bmcgovern - July 4

I really don't take any prescriptions. The only thing i take is one for when i get nauseated and another to relax the muscles in my stomach and intestines. I usually only take natural and they usually help me. My question is for the people who don't take prescriptions how do you help with pain? Anyone advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


Myriam - July 5

Hello Bmcgovern, I consider my self not taking any prescriptions. I mean I do but not for FMS. I take an anti depressant for a depression I have had for a few years and thyroid meds. I deal with the pain daily, sometimes so much pain I can't move my arms or legs. I do a little bit of excercise at a time and try to still move and keep on going. I personnally prefer to keep on working because it makes me moves a little. When the pain is too much, hot baths, hot water bottles on my lower back will help. I try to keep busy to get my mind off the pain.
Sorry I can't be more help


lucky13 - July 8

I don't take any perscription meds, when I was diagnosised with Fibro, we thought we wanted to have another baby so I held off on the meds, using yoga, and tylenol athritis to manage my pain the best I can, now on days I have flares the tylenol barely touches the pain, when not pregnant I would use heating pads and rest to try and ease some of the pain.

I have already made out my Christmas wish list for this year, including a TENS unit, parafin bath (lots of hand pain), and the reusable, heat wraps, hoping these things will help during my flares.


Fantod - July 8

Curamin is very helpful for pain. You can find it at the health food store. I use it for breakthrough pain. Take care.


powderblue - July 9

I don't take prescriptions but then I consider my symptoms fairly mild. I find lifestyles changes such as reducing stress, trying to get into a good sleep routine, Qi gong and moderated exercise help. I found acupuncture helpful to a certain extent. Not so say I wouldn't consider prescriptions at a later date if I couldn't tolerate my pain or if I though there was something that I thought could help more with my sleep. I think if you are in a continuous pain cycle or you just need some relief then maybe prescription drugs are definitey an option.



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