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Does anyone have problems with sore jaws?
11 Replies
ibritz - July 25

I have a problem on and off that when I sing, my jaws start to hurt so much, I can't sing anymore, usually at church. It's bad enough I can't stand the whole time during worship, but now not being able to sit and sing gets me down. Is this a symptom of TMJ, common to people with FM?


Fantod - July 25

Yes, this is called temporomandibular disorder. I would urge you to find a dentist qualified to treat this condition. A bite splint can be made to wear at night while you are sleeping. This will allow the muscles in your jaw to relax and over time not be so sore. I have been dealling with this since the 80's. It is very important that your regular dentist is aware of this condition. For me, the slightest deviation in a filling or a crown can cause a lot more pain. You might try taking a hand towel and soaking the middle with hot water. If the ends are dry, than y ou can wring it out and make a compress for your jaw. I also use Myoflex which is an OTC sports cream in the area by my ear for relief. It is possible that you are clenching or grinding during sleep and not aware of it. I think it is important to see someone about this. Take care.


ibritz - July 26

Thanks Fantod. That was the info I was looking to hear. I have had this on and off for longer than I can remember,but with this site, I have seen things about tingling face, symptoms of sinusitis that isnt' but is TMJ. This FM just continually amazes me. But I still feel like a hypochondriac sometimes. And I think my husband thinks I'm looking for problems. UGGGGHHHH!


tnichel - July 27

Check with you dentist about a mouth guard on your next visit or you can buy one at any drug store. Also, search the web for mout exercise to help alleviate some of the stiffness. That works for me when they are sore. And Fantod's the one who first suggested the myoflex and compresses. They work well too.


ibritz - July 31

Thanks Fantod and Tmichel for the help. I will be seeing the dentist in next couple of weeks and will ask about a guard. If he says no - i'll try one from the store.


Gabbie - August 1

ibritz. I've had problems with TMJ over the past few years which included jaw pain, headaches and earaches. Your dentist would most likely be the one to diagnose it and if he feels it necessary, can make up a mouth appliance for you. I was able to get relief from some chiropractic visits. Both dentist and chiropractor told me never to chew gum, taffy, etc or bite an apple because those things can "pop" the jaw and trigger the TMJ symptoms. Feel better.


ep246 - August 18

i have the same problem and doctor told me it was tmj which is common in fm.....



ibritz - August 19

I saw the dentist last week and picked up my mouth guard today. I sure hope it helps. I can tell my jaw was more relaxed when I wore it this afternoon for a few hours. I can't wait to try it out tonight!


Fantod - August 19

ibrtiz - Glad to hear that you got your bite splint. It will take a while - possibly months before you have consistent relief. Be mindful when you chew something to take small bites and go slowly. Gum is a no-no. I hope the splint does the trick. Take care.


Fantod - August 20

Incidentally, you should take the splint to the dentist every time you go for a check up or a filling etc. They'll need it to clean and/or the make sure it fits properly following any dental work. Also. in addition to brushing it, I use Polident for partials which does a good job of keeping my bite splint clean. Take care.


Beone - September 8

yep I have had a sore Jaw just about every day


ibritz - September 9

I believe the guard is working. I haven't had the throbbing in my teeth like I was. If any of you have this problem, it is worth a try. But it is expensive. My insurance only covered $250 of $715. You can get some that are similar at the drug store if you want to gee if you get any relief that way at all. My dentist said they aren't as durable, but sometimes work as well.



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