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Does anyone have hip and upper leg pain?
14 Replies
Lee2010 - July 8

Hi everyone. I'm hoping that someone out there can relate to this because it is making me crazy and nothing is working to alleviate the pain. My hip pain has been getting worse over the last couple of weeks. It's gotten to the point that whenever I sit down for even a short time, standing up and walking sends shooting pains through my hips, sometimes it's so bad that I don't want to ever stand up again. I've tried pushing through it and taking walks with my husband hoping that by exercising it will strengthen the area and lessen the pain, but so far that has not been the case. I had an MRI a year or two ago, and my doc said she wished her hips were in as good a shape as mine were, so I know that there is nothing physically wrong with them. However, it feels like I need hip replacement surgery, they hurt so bad. It's like knives are being shoved right into my joint, and I really don't ever want to stand up after I've been sitting. I've been to a pain management specialist, and he told me what I already knew, I have an immunity to pain meds, so I can't rely on them to help take the edge off. As it is, I'm currently on 2 Norco 4x per day as well as 1200mg of Gabapentin 3x per day and so far it feels like I take an Advil per day. Does anyone out there experience this kind of hip pain? I'd really like to know that I'm not alone in this. It's getting hard to take and no one can understand the pain and come up with ways to deal with it like a fellow sufferer.

Thanks so much in advance for your help and suggestions. I really appreciate any info that you can send my way.



chasmodai - July 8

I've got hip and pain but not as severe as you describe it. The only thing I do for it that seems to help is make a hot socket and put it where it hurts.

1 large sock + a few cups of rice + tie a knot at the top + heat in the microwave for 2 minutes = heaven


Lee2010 - July 8

Thank you, chasmodai, for the idea. I will definitely give it a try. I think that sometimes it seems so overwhelming that the simple ideas don't occur to me at all. Hopefully the heat will penetrate to the right spot and give me some relief.


Fantod - July 8

I would suspect that you have bursitis in both hips. I have it in my hips and shoulders. It will definitely cause the type of pain you are decribing and is common among people with FMS.

Bursitis is nothing to fool around with as it can be very persistent. You need to see an orthopedic specialist. They may inject your hips with cortisone and send you to PT. A good remedy that I find helps in addition to proper treatment is fresh pineapple. It contains an enzyme that helps break down bursitis. Eat as much as you can stand. Also, avoid deep fried foods as that will definitely trigger a painful episode. Good luck and let us know how you are doing.


Lee2010 - July 9

Thank you so much for the insight, Fantod. Bursitis actually never even crossed my mind. I will be seeing my doc soon since it's time for my blood tests. I'm on so many meds that she insists on seeing me regularly. I will ask her about it and have her refer me to someone that she trusts. It's so important to find a fibro-friendly doc. Thanks again for writing to me. Lee


Tired of it already - July 10

Get A TENS unit. So far it beats anything else I've tried, except narcodics, which none of my dr's will give me. Good luck, I hope you get better.


ufdacentral - July 10

Hi Lee
I certainly can relate to what you are saying. I have hip and leg pain so bad it's unbelievable. In fact my hips can get such sharp shooting pains it stops me in mid walk and I literally can't move until the pain subsides some. Recently the back of my legs have started to hurt so bad, sitting to long makes it worse, but standing to long makes them burn. Fantod is right about the Bursitis, I have that in my shoulders..I choose not to take the cordizone but I hear it works good for some people. Usually I take a hot Whirlpool bath with Lavender crystals and then I use a heating pad. I also take combination 23 its a supplement that seems to be giving me some mild relief. My husband also messages my legs and feet before I go to bed at night which really helps. I hope you can find something that will help your sure is draining to walk around hurting all day. Blessings


Lee2010 - July 10

Hi Tired of it already. Thanks for the post. I've tried a TENS Unit in the past and it didn't seem to work for me. However, having said that, it was for a different ailment, so it may work for my hips. I'll bring it up at my next appointment. I'm so glad that it works for you. Anything that brings relief is such a blessing. Hang in there.

Hi there to you, too, ufdacentral. Thank you for your post as well. No one that I deal with in my daily life has the kind of hip pain that I do. I'm certainly not happy that you have the pain, but it's so nice to know that someone else gets it and can describe it. I recently spent the day walking with my family and after the ride home in the car I could barely stand up the pain was so intense. I just had to stand by the car and hope it would subside. I want to do the everyday, normal things that everyone else does, but I end up paying a substantial price almost right away. You mentioned a hot whirlpool bath. My husband and I are planning to remodel our bathroom and install one of those walk-in whirlpool tubs. I know it makes me seem like I'm 70 years old, but if it provides relief, I'm open to just about anything. Hearing that it helps you will definitely aid us in our decision-making. I don't want to make such an expensive change if there isn't a successful track record for other FMS sufferers. Thank you for writing. You hang in there - you're right, it is draining walking around all the time in pain. And I almost dread sitting down for any length of time because I know that when I stand up everything gets so much worse. I hope that you've had success with your remedies. Blessings to you, to.


axxie - July 14

I have develop the same pain, as you are describing, and I can tell you, the pain is shear agony. I've been to the chiro, he helps, because the pain in my hip dissepate, but it only works for sometime before I have to go back. Another is putting insole in your shoes, that also helps realine your body.


Stacey373 - July 14

Hi! I've also recently been having hip pain. But it's more like a deep ache. It started before I started walking every day and I was hoping it would go away with the walking, but so far it hasn't. I think it must be the muscles right where the hips meet the legs. When I push on or rub that area it aches more and also sends shooting pain into my legs. maybe it's one of those Myofascial Trigger points?

I've been using my daughter's magic 8 ball to "massage" all of these places and it's actually working pretty good. (couldn't find one of my dog's tennis balls! LOL) Plus it saves my husband's fingers and hands so he doesn't have to massage me so often! I just lay on my bed and stick the ball under me (neck, shoulders, hips, etc) and lay on the ball and it works great!

I hope everyone has a good day, Stacey :o)


lorianne - July 14

Hi Lee
I am currently experiencing hip pain as well as knee and shoulder pain.
Your message reminded me of a situation i was in about 15 years ago. After a car accident i was in severe hip pain a couple of months after the accident. My doctor said bursitis, but i knew it was worse than that. The pain was excruiating - couldn't walk, get out of the tub, etc.
Finally had a test where they injected me with radioactive dye and watched it go through my veins. It turns out that the blood supply to my hip was cut off and the hip bone was dying. Very scary. Otherwise, i had MRIs, cat scans, xrays, etc and none of them showed what the radioactive dye showed. My physiotherapist actually called my doctor to push for more tests.
One of the few things i did was go to a tanning bed, cause the heat felt so good. Otherwise i spent a lot of time on the couch playing nintendo LOL!
Good luck. Don't push yourself too hard and hopefully it will ease up with time.
I was told I'd need a hip replacement, but i was lucky and it resolved itself somehow!
PS, i was 29 years old when this happened!


Ken66 - July 15

Lee2010 - before I was diagnosed with FMS, I deveoloped what the ortho thought was bursitis in both hips. Took the shot, did rehab for 30 days then started back. I finally stood up to the dr and said no more. I went to a nationally known hip specialist - he is a preferred surgeon for major leage baseball. He did an MRI on my hip and immediately found a tear in the labrum (think rotator cuff for your hip). Once he was in the tear was much worse than what the MRI showed. Had it repaired and the constant pain (which is HORRIBLE) is gone.

That said, over the last 6 months, the day after any prolonged excercise (like mowing the lawn - 2 acres by pushmower) I'm in agony. It feels like there is no cushion between the femur ball and hip socket. Since the FMS diagnosis is recent, I've pushed back going to the surgeon as I thought maybe it was related to the fibro.

I would recommend finding a surgeon who does work for either Div 1 athletic programs or professional atheletes. Your chances for getting a clear diagnosis for structural issues is much greater than your hometown ortho group. Good luck.


Lee2010 - July 16

Thank you so much, everyone, for the knowledgeable insights. The pain and scary situations that you have been placed in are unbelievable! You have caused me to be much more aware of the possibilities of each of my symptoms, and for that I am extremely grateful. I think that with a diagnosis of FMS you can sometimes get a little too complacent and just attribute everything to it. I will definitely stay much more on top of things and not take anything for granted. Bless you for taking the time to answer my post. I know that you all have busy lives and it means a lot to me to know that I can come on here with a question or concern, and I won't be ignored. You all are the best! Take care and have a great Friday and weekend. :-)


homerme - October 27

Ask the doctor or Pain Management Specialist to check your Sacroiliac Joint, which is something most doctors do not look for and it doesn't necessarily show up in an x-ray or MRI. I was given a steroid shot which helped for over a year. I'm now starting to have pain again. I was diagnosed with fibro in April, but the Rheumatologist is still doing blood work to rule out anything else. I recently started having additional pain in my knees, ankle bones, legs, and lower back. I've been on meds for my thyroid for close to 30 years, and this year I started meds for the fibro. I continue to have pain, but I haven't given in yet as I continue to work and do all other activities that need to be done at home. I also go out once a week to "try to play golf."


AEnci - October 28

I can totally understand your pain. After many xrays my doctor told me that it could actually be my L4 and L5 disk that is messed up. But because I want to try for another baby next year we held off on the MRI. Anyways he told me to get a big foam roller and exercise my hips with it. You can find the foam roller in the exercise section. Try to find one that comes with a DVD or instructions.
I use this on my hips and shoulders. When I first started using this it hurt so bad but keep the pressure on the sore spots and they kind of disapate. Keep doing the exercises and they get easier to do. Good Luck.



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