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Does anyone have foot pain/ cramping?
21 Replies
cwatson - January 24

I get alot of foot pain and cramping. Does anyone else get this? Also, I get alot of knee and shin pain? Sound familiar?


Jenny Terry - January 24

Yes I experience pain in the heel and across the front of the foot. Yes I also get alot of knee pain.


Gabbie - January 24

Yes, I have pain in the bottom of my feet and sometimes my toes cramp up and curl. Very painful. When the weather is cold and damp my knees really hurt and the pain goes down into my ankles and feet. My rheum prescribed lidocaine cream to put on the pressure points on the inside of the knees. It really helps alleviate a lot of the pain.


cwatson - January 25

Thank you for your responses. I do have a lot of leg pain around my knees and they get tired around my knees. I also have very tender areas behind my calves and shooting pains. Do you get like "electric feelings in your feet?"


tnichel - January 25

yep. my right knee goes crazy when the weather is cold. I also have pain on the inside of my thigh just aboe the knee. If I'm on my feet too much or wear new shoes, my feet are very painful where my arches should be (have flat feet). Regardless there is always some level of pain in that area that travels up to my calves. I try to massage them, do stretches or do a foot soak to help ease the pain.


JJ1 - January 25

Yes, I can get pains in my feet and legs. Most of my constant pain is in my feet. Fortunately the pain in my feet is tolerable most of the time (maybe a 1 or 2 on the 1-10 pain scale). I sometimes will get cramping my feet at night while sleeping.


Fantod - January 27

Yes, I have intermittent pain in both feet. Lately, the soles of my feet have been sore to the touch. I have Plantar Fasciitis in one foot but this is a different type of pain. I also experience a lot of cramping in my feet. Some nights I have trouble sleeping as my feet cramping up all night long. Overall, just more fun than I know what to do with...


cwatson - January 27

thanks fantod. Do you take anything for the cramping/Pain? Do you feel tingling at all in your feet or electric feelings?


JJ1 - January 27

When I was pregnant I got a lot of leg cramping at night and my doctor told me to drink warm milk before bedtime and this seemed to help (I guess the calcium?). My cramping now is very infrequent, so I haven't tried this remedy on FMS related cramping to see if it would help..


frazzled - January 27

I have alot of pain in my feet. I have also used lido patches to help with the pain.


Gabbie - January 28

I have sensations in my feet and other parts of my body as what I guess could be called electric shocks or feel like someone is pushing needles through my skin. It comes randomly and is very painful. I find that Tylenol PM an hour before bed helps me to relax and it seems to lessen the leg cramping giving me a little better nights sleep.


Deb40 - February 1

I get pain on the side of my foot as well as knee pain. Along with the knee pain I hear them crack when I massage them.


s75044 - February 4

that electric feeling i get behind my knee, my feet have lost some feeling and always burn on fire. My feet hurt so bad when they touch the floor and the pain lessons when they are elevated. My worst pain is from the hips down, but it feels like the pain is shooting from the feet. i was getting steroid shots once a year in my knees, but that stopped working. sometimes walking it out will help a little.


cwilliams - February 19

Yes! I have electrical nerve sensations on the bottoms of my feet. Sometimes numb, sometimes very painful. Drives me crazy. Just had MRI and Xrays (inconclusive) and then orthotics.


Fantod - February 19

I would use Malic Acid (825 mg) twice a day to relieve the cramping and overall muscle activity like twitching etc. I also use a calcium supplement with magnesium twice aday. Between the two, I have less foot cramping problems.


cwatson - February 19

Hi Fantod. Thanks for the advice. Is Malic Acid a vitamin? I do take mag and calcium suppl. I have been taking them for about 6 weeks now and really feel less twitching and cramping-although my feet just bug me still. Overall my symptoms are so much better than before. I have not been officially diag. w/ this but everything else keeps showing up fine-thank god. Can this fib. go in spurts? I believe it can.


JoniB - February 20

Hello cwatson. When my feet or legs go into a muscle spasm or cramping I put a cold wash cloth on it and it seems to help get past the charlie horse type feeling. I also have plantar fasciitis (heel pain). It may be due to a number of things, but most commonly it's caused by inflammation of the fibrous tissue that runs along the bottom of your foot. The Dr. suggested heel cups and doing repetitions of stretches pulling the toes forward, 2 or 3 times a day. I notice certain shoes or sandals I wear make it worse. It usually clears up with self-care treatments within 24 months according to the Mayo Clinic Health Letter, March 2007 issue that I have.



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