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does anyone get better
9 Replies
nora - September 16

I have been reading here for a while it seems like poeple do not ever get better.if anyone has gottten better can we hear how you did? i am very worried that life is over for me at 22. thanks


TERESA - September 11

Your llife is not over,just different! I have days that I feel good (like I use to) & I take advantage of those days! Sometimes I over do it & I pay for it later, but it feels oh so wonderful when I can!!! You can get really down if you dwell on all the different aches & pains that come & go. I find I get down when people in my life say things like, your always sick, you shuold be able to do that, or why are you walking like an old lady. If I can just get thruogh those days I know I'll have a better one to come. Hope this helps.


nora - September 11

how old are you thanks.


Brandy - September 11

Hi Nora, I started with fibro in my teens. I am now 52 and I still have it. Early on I had more good days than bad. I even felt as tho there were times I went into somewhat of a remission off and on in my 20's and 30's. That being said, you need to keep moving (exercise in some way) , watch your diet, surround yourself with supportive people, find a good doctor and keep your chin up. All those things at times are easier said then done but life goes on and a positive outlook helps. Wish I could have given you what you want to hear. I'll keep checking this post because I too am interested in the reply's you get on this. I wish you many blessings.


Kim - September 11

I was diagnosed almost a year ago and after many trips to many doctors, I have finally found an acupuncturist/homeopathy doctor who has done the extensive testing none of the other doctors would do. I am now on supplements and a thyroid med and am feeling better. The anidepressants and other meds my other doctor put me on were worthless and caused more side effects than what my symptoms were. I now know my neurotransmitters, adrenal hormones and other hormones were out of whack, causing my fibro as well as my thyroid not functioning properly, even though the usual blood test doesn't show this. I am glad a friend suggested trying this type of treatment because I am feeling much better. I have even begun working out again and am not exhausted throughout the day like I was before. I do have an occasional flareup due to stress and weather changes but for the most part, I have more good than bad days.


helen - September 11

Nora, Yes, this syndrome can be reversed and people do get better. There are two ways for you to approach having fibro. One way is to just treat the sysmptons and there are alot of ways to do this, just read about all the postings here with everyone talking about the pharmacuetical drugs they are taking. This is called the orthdox, conventional way- get ready for frustration. The second way to approach having Fibro is to start to repair your body and all of its internal systems that are off and out of balance. Most people that take this route find that they have alot of yeast in their body, have stressed adrenals, all the symptoms of hypothyroidism, lacking in nutrition, over/under producing lymphatic systems (spleen), lacking enzymes, over acidic body conditions, etc. the list goes on. Unfortunately your medical doctor does'nt understand this level of looking at a body with a holistic approach. Try to find a holistic healing center where you live. Be open to what they say and always compare what they say to what your medical doctor finds in their tests. There are some medical doctors that are progressive and there are centers for you to get help at around the country. has alot of centers in the US. Also-Dr. Flechas at is also a progressive doctor that can send you testing kits and work with you over the phone. He wrote a book on fibro. Dr. Christine Northup also has a wealth of info on women's health and can be found at You can get better as long as you don't subscribe to the message from the medical community that there is no cure. There is a way to repair and rebuild your body, but you have to be open to it as it is outside of the thinking you were probably brought up with- that medical doctors are the absolute final answer. It is a balance that you can find, if you are open to it.


Jolie - September 12

I am reading a book by Dr. Scott Brady called Pain Free For Life. He is a medical doctor who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia himself. He has cured his condition. Much of his work is based on serious blocked emotions and healing feelings. I have read a few books like this one, but this one is the best I have read so far. Before you start taking a bunch of meds do a little research. Like Helen said, try to see a holistic practitioner and listen to what they have to say. the longer FM has a grip on you the longer it will take to unravel the syndrome. take care.


Parker - September 12

hi Jolie. I have heard of that book. I'll have to check it out. nora, I agree with Teresa, do what you can and take advantage of the times when you feel stronger. there are tons of therapies and ideas about what can help. some say guai, some say herbs, psychotherapy... everyone is different. there is a lot of great advice out here. I have met some fantastic people and heard about all sorts of different things. the best place to start is speaking with your GP. have you beeen DX with fibro? read about it, do some research. this is a great place to start. even if the pain is still there down the raod, the honest truth is that it does get easier as you learn what helps you cope and live the best. good luck to you, drop in & let us know how you are doing :) Parker


better - September 13

Yes, I have gotten better, but that is only because i take medications to control my symptoms (elavil and mobic). My life is pretty normal. Sometimes I forget stuff or feel a little tired when I shouldn't, but thats about it.


Smash - September 16

I am 22! I think that you can get things under better control and slowly learn your triggers and coping mechanisms. I've had FMS for five years already and the last 6 months have been the best! I work full-time and now almost never have mornings where I can't get out of bed. I had to figure out some hard things to get used to and had to change my life around to better accomodate them: severe food and environmental allergies, narcolepsy, and sleep apnea among others. You need to find out what works for you because there is not a magic equation as I'm sure you all know. But have hope! And in the meantime, there are people like us that know exactly what you are going through :)



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