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does anyone feel like they're having a heart attack
21 Replies
happyheart77 - November 22

Omg! I`m new here ,so ,hello to all you fibro sufferers.xIn answer to your question ,I`m not sure if it feels exactly like a H/A ,but it`s one of the more scarier fms symptoms I get.
This week has been especially bad for me.Stress exacerbates it ,always.The chest pain began last Friday ,and intensified over the weekend.It`s like really bad pain and a burning (no ,not indigestion pain),And ,mine runs down my arms and across my rib cage.
In fact ,when I was first diagnosed ,it was because I had been feeling unwell for some time ,and a swelling appeared across the top of my chest.fearing the worst I asked my best friend to come with me to check it out with my dr.He gave me a thorough exam ,told me to return in 2 weeks ,(Incase it was related to my cycle)..By the time I saw him again ,I had this pain ,and a lot of swelling everywhere.
Fortunately he knew about fibro ,(almost unheard of 12+yrs ago!).he did the trigger point exam ,and told me to "holler" whenever it hurt.By the time he finished he told me he was 99.9% positive it was FMS ,which was backed up by the specialist he sent me to.
I`ve been on all kinds of meds ,but have a s evere allergy to brufen/aspirin ,so ,that rules out a lot of drugs.I also have degenerative arthritis tinnitus (fibro related?) Plantar facilicis (sp!)...Chronic heel pain that wakes me up ,and no amount of pills or rubbing or warmth/cold etc helps.
I`m just grateful this horrible condition is now recognised as a disability ,as I had to give up working.I never know from day to day ,just how I`ll be affected ,or how badly.
Sorry for rambling ,and back to your original quirie ,I`ve not found anything that`ll help this chest pain either ,and ,tbh I`m loathe to mention it to my albeit understanding dr ,incase (like you:) he thinks I`m either crazy or a hypochondriac!! Big gentle hugs to you and everyone here.So good to find a place to share without ppl thinking likewise!!x


Justkeepmovin - January 13

Somebody actually made me go to the hospital after three days and after multiple tests and bloodwork they gave me a shot of Toradol and Bam symptoms gone. I had shortness of breath chest tightness and pain but I always wait for a while before I go to the hospital. I guess I shouldn't wait for cardiac symptoms


Suzetooz63 - May 25

When I was in my 40s (and not yet DXd with FMS) I spent lots of time in ER thinking I was having a heart attack. I have managed things pretty well but I am getting ready to go to ER now since I had a horrible experience early today that scared the heck out of me. I am now 63 so it could be heart related or it may be FMS? Chest and neck hurting all day but I may have jarred my whole body when some man scared me in a parking lot at 7 am. I probably scared the heck out of him when I screamed!


Suzetooz63 - May 25

happyheart77 ... we have same thing going on with the Plantar Fasciitis and degenerative arthritis along with the FMS


allyson - June 3

I've been to the ER twice thinking I was having a heart attack! They did all the test and found I had pleurisy but failed to tell me and gave me pills and sent me home.
I went to 4 Drs, did lots of tests before being diagnosed with fb. I still have the chest pain and hard to breathe deep. Gets worse when I get tired. Don't know how long it will last!! I also get the heel pain along with neck,back,shoulders. Didn't realize this was all related at first.


Suzetooz63 - June 6

I got torodol in ER and it helped me



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