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does anyone ese bruise easily/unexplainedly?
11 Replies
kiwiang - March 16

hi....I was wondering if anyone else with fibro bruises easily or in the same spots all the time, I am finding my inner thighs inner arms tend to do this, I ride a bike alot and think my legs bruise easily from this?? doctor was not overly concerned.....can it be caused by medications, I am only on 20mg lexapro...


Noca - March 16

I bruise easily in the spots where my Fentanyl patches are/were when I take them off. My doctor doesnt seem to care either.


fibromite.u.k. - March 16

I have had lots of bruises over the years that seem to appear when I haven't injured myself. They are always on my legs and mostly on the inner side. The worst one was about five years ago when the bruise was so huge that I measured it and it was 6" x 4". I went straight to my doctor who sent me for blood tests. All the tests came back ok and my doctor made the silly remark that perhaps I had knocked myself and didn't realise it. Well, honestly, just as if you would knock yourself so badly that you had a bruise of that size and not realise it!

I also remember when I was in my twenties and had a time when I could count over thirty bruises on my legs and arms (the only time they appeared on my arms), but the doctor didn't seem at all bothered about it. The odd thing as well is that I have an auto-immune blood disease that makes my blood clot more than is normal, so it is surprising that I get these bruises as surely a bruise is when you are bleeding into the skin. It is all a puzzle to me.


kiwiang - March 17

its so odd I get small ones and the ones that appeared yesterday look like finger marks....always on the inner thigh, I also have pernicious annemia so I should see if that could be a cause? how can a doctor say oh women tend to not know how they do it,I am only 40 and not that forgetful..:( but its like all things with fibro I guess NO explanation....
thanks all x


Cher0208 - March 17

I have been finding a bunch of weird bruises on myself lately. I keep wondering if I banged into something and just don't remember. I recently had one on my stomach which was really weird. One thing is for sure, the list of symptoms to freak out about is not a small one.




I too bruise very easily. I get ones that look like finger prints. I don't remember getting these as I am not normally drugged up enough to not remember what happens.. I always just chalked it up to having Fibro and my body being overly sensitive...

One day my friend was massaging my shoulders as I was very tense. She wasn't rough by any means. The next day, I had bruises all over my shoulders and down my back where we had gotten a massage... It was crazy...

Another weird medical issue to deal with...
Oh and my doctor wasn't worried about it either..



kiwiang - March 19

hi jennifer

its so odd and yes I think as just touching me at times hurts it could be easy to bruise I suppose,and the inner thigh is a nice fleshy area to...but in an odd way its nice to know I am not alone:)



LadyNae - March 19

I bruise very easily. Just two weeks ago I was playing with my dog and she jumped up and barely nipped my arm. It left a huge bruise on my arm and it was instant. It is finally starting to go away but sheesh. For me bruises can be caused by something very small or something bigger but they are almost always instantly showing.


[email protected] - March 19

Hello, yes i am the same, inner thighs and inner arms, i dont have the energy to ride a bike at this point in time - but i certainly have the bruising............. they fade, then reapppear, fade, reappear.............


Fantod - March 19

I'm always covered with bruises. Have been since I was a kid. Been tested for all kinds of stuff relating to that and it all comes back fine. The problem seems to come and go. I can be acutely sensitive and get a handprint from someone lightly touching me to no reaction as all. I've given up trying to figure it out.

I use Arnica gel (health food store or Vitamin Shoppe) to break them up faster. It also eases the pain if one is particularly sore. Take care.


kiwiang - March 21

well it certainly looks like I am not alone in this, I decided to see how easily I can bruise, on the other thigh I applied fingertip pressure to 3 spots, well 2 days later the bruises are takes a good whack for me to get a bruise anywhere else and I normally remember doing it....these on the thighs are appearing from the slightest touch and I find the slightest touch there the most painfull to.....they look ghastly so will try the arnica thanks fantod:)


Stacey373 - March 21

Hi! I also wanted to add that I bruise easily but I have a blood disorder that is called Von Willebrandts. Basically it causes thin blood so therefore I get nose bleeds easily and I bruise for no reason. I know that it is hereditary...2 of my 3 kids have the symptoms.

I just thought I would throw that out there as I don't think it is very uncommon for people to have this blood disorder. The only major thing with this is that you have to be careful not to take meds that will cause your blood to thin (like aspirin or Ibuprofen)

Take Care, Stacey :o)



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