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does anyone else have frequent heartburn
5 Replies
iliveinpain - September 8

It really doesn't matter what I eat, it'll just come on. I think sometimes it's the burning muscle pain that we get. I'm not sure if it's truly heartburn or muscle pain - it's confusing.


Fantod - September 9

Yes, I have a raging case of GERD which is very common in folks with Fibromyalgia (FMS). I can drink a glass of plain water and have a problem. I take 600mg of Zantac a day to combat my symptoms. If you want to eliminate what the problem is - heartburn or muscle, pop a Zantac or Prilosec and see if your symptoms subside. Take care.


axxie - September 10

If you are concerned that you may have GERD, you should arrange to visit your doctor as soon as possible. GERD is a chronic medical condition that may lead to more serious problems, but it is treatable, and can be effectively managed through diet and lifestyle changes along with medical treatments. GERD has been associated with non-cardiac chest pain, asthma, hoarseness, and chronic cough.

I think most FMS have GERD and it's treatable, you should visit your doctor, before managing it by yourself. You don't want nasty surprises with GERD.

Good luck to you


Symptoms of GERD:
Difficulty swallowing
Water brash


toots2889 - September 10

iliveinpain- I to suffer from frequent heartburn. My doc put me on Nexium and it has helped alot. It could also be acid reflux so you should bring it up to your doc.


iliveinpain - September 10

I've started taking Zantac, and it's helping alot! Thanks to everyone for the great advice!


pfiinch - September 10

There is nothing in the world like Nexium,the wonderful thing is it heals you stomache and esophogus(spelling) I took it for about 4 weeks and now I very rarely get that problem. Really I can't remember the last time I just know it worked great for me. We need things that heal not hide the illness.
If you can talk with your toos2889 posted. you will be in a very happy spt inyou life.I had forgotten about it(Nexium) very exspesive( my co-pay was $50) if you have no insurance ask your Dr.for samples for at least 4 weeks or more.Even with the cost by the time you buy the over counter stuff you may get lucky and not have to take anymore.Just make sure you take it everyday.




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