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Does anyone else get these symptoms?
9 Replies
Kerrie - November 22

- Severe mid-upper (epigastric) abdomen pain which only lessens in pain but never actually goes. It feels like a burning, gnawing, cramping pain.

- Bloating, when i get this i feel like I am struggling to breathe with it.


DeeAnnaN - November 22

I have that too. Mine is on the left side, making it hard to catch my breath, thus causing my oxygen levels to decrease. I went to the doctors about it 2 weeks ago and she immediately admitted me to the hospital thinking it was my heart. After all tests were done, my heart is fine. I was wondering if it was an ulcer or pancreatitis. Whatever it is, I wish they would find it and fix it, because it's really getting in the way of living my life.


Kerrie - November 22

I know how you feel its horrible, mine is orse when standing or lifting is yours? This week ha sbeen very bad.


Canada17 - November 22

I find I have more abdominal pain when I eat potatoes, white flour, or yeast products. Try staying away from those for a couple of weeks and then see how you feel. Also watch how much acid you're eating, like vinegars or high acid fruits like tomatoes, kiwi, strawberries, apple, citrus fruits.

If there is nothing showing up on any diagnostic tests, it could very well be a food sensitivity that has built up.

I had a hard time coming to terms with the fact that the foods I love the most could be making me suffer, but now that I know what gives me problems when I eat, I avoid it whenever possible to lessen the pain I experience.


mypain - November 23

Mine was my gallbladder....may want to have that checked.


bmcgovern - November 23

I have bad stomach issues also. I have had them for 10 years now. I have gone to the doctor's numerous times and was told one time it was to much acid the next time to much potasium and the other time i had a scope done and they found irritation spots. Other than that they always tell me there is nothing wrong. I have to be super careful what i eat. I cant have any Dairy, Greasy Foods, Sugar, Red meat, I stay away from these foods they always make me nauseated and just have the worst pain i have had nights staying up all night with my knees to my chest in pain. I hate stomach pain, but going on a strict diet really does help i have noticed not eating these foods has helped the flare up not happen as much. I hope this helped.
Good Luck.


dkarssen79 - December 2

Wow, I have just recently started having this, with in the last week or so. It feels exactly as you have explained! I also have problems swallowing sometimes, feels like there is a lump in my esophugus or something that makes it hard to swallow liquids and sometimes food. Anyone else have this feeling when they are trying to swallow?

I did have my gall bladder removed in March due to it not functioning properly, never had gall stones and never really had this type of pain, just other stomach issues that were initially diagnosed as ibs. After my gall bladder was removed all of my stomach issues stopped. And then what you described above just started with in the past week.


brooksidefarm - December 2

Been there. First the docs took my gall bladder. Still happened, only worse. Then nearly 2 years ago they said gstroparesis - a condition that the stomach does not completely empty of it's contents. Look into those?


Kerrie - December 2

I am still getting this, I have had so many tests, 3 ultrasounds, 2 endoscopys,colonoscopy, capsule endoscopy, CT scan, barium xray and they still cant find why I am in such severe pains at times.
They are now referring me to a professor in London so hopingI will get somwhere there.


swttee4u - December 12

i had those problems and it was very sensitive to acidic food and spicy foods, i found out it was my gallbladder because i had gall stones, so i had to have mine removed. stay clear from fried and fatty foods.



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