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does anyone else feel this way?
10 Replies
LAWANDA - July 9

i was diagnosed with fibro around 4 years ago. i moved to maryland last year and in this year my fibro has gotten alot worse. i dont know if its from the move or not. i still work, but on alot of days i come home crying from hurting so bad. i take tramadol and tylenol #3. none of the traditional fibro pills worked for me. now we are just doing symptom management. Does anyone else take narcotics for their fibro pain? Alot of people say that narcotics dont work for fibro pain. but its not true. i would not be able to work or lead a "normal" life without taking the tylenol #3. I use to be a runner. now i cant even think about exercising.This is my first time i have tried to talk to anyone about my fibromyalgia. i guess i finally decided i needed to talk to someone who was going through the same thing i was.


Noca - July 9

I take Dilaudid 16-36mg a day and Fentanyl 25mcg/h patches for my pain. Both are narcotic pain relievers. My Dilaudid dose I take is equivalent to 14 - 32 Tylenol 3's.

So theres definitely stronger narcotics out there if the Tylenol 3's aren't cutting it for you.


LAWANDA - July 9

most of the time they do work. its just that i work full time so i try not to take them while im working. but then im hurting so bad by the time i get off work that all i can do is cry (sad to say) and lay there till the medicine does take effect. i would of never thought that the fibro would get this bad. esp. from a year ago till now. its gotten alot worse. and the sad thing is that i am only 39. it just feels like a life sentence to have this and to have to deal with it you work? can you work taking the fentanyl? or dilaudid? plus i want to take the least amount of pain medicine so when i do get worse there will be something that would help me with the pain.


Noca - July 9

I cry at times from the pain. No I do not work anymore, I am on disability for anxiety not pain. Props to you for still being able to work despite this disease. I go to college and plan to one day work again. I too feel like its a life sentence and I'm only 24 yrs old. I'll be in pain till the day I die. My pain killers only take the edge off the pain and help me to cope better.


Noca - July 9

Oh and I forgot to mention I have other pain causing illnesses than just fibromyalgia, thats why I am not able to get full relief. My bone disease I have mimics cancer pain.


ufdacentral - July 9

Hi Lawanda, I have taken allot of the narcotic pain medications and they worked for awhile and then the medication sensitivity kicks in. I either get really sick from the meds or they just don't have any affect on the pain. I am now 61 and heading for early retirement, but I haven't worked in 10 years. My husband and I raised two of our grandchildren for five of the last 10 years. I do have a vicidon prescription, but I only take half when the pain is so bad I can't tolerate it. but I have to go to bed and go to sleep, because I get sick to my stomach from it. I have had fibro for 21 years and it has only gotten worse over the years. I am sorry your fibro has gotten so much worse in the last year..we keep hoping the medical world will come up with that special something that will cure this stuff. Keep hanging in there okay....and keep writing your feelings it's good that we can share. Blessings


LAWANDA - July 10

thank you so much guys. it really does help to talk about it. you would with all the technology and medical breakthroughs that someone would of found out what is causing fibro. well hopefully they will keep working on it


Stacey373 - July 10

Hi Lawanda! Welcome to the group! I recently found this site and it has been an absolute life saver for me! I probably repeat myself too much on here...but oh well...I'll say it all again! (short version this time! LOL)

I was diagnosed with FMS a little over 1 1/2 years ago...but I've been dealing with all of this for MANY years. This "disease" is so hard to deal with and so very frustrating most of the time. I spent years trying to get a doctor just to believe that this wasn't all in my head. And even my family thought I was just being lazy and that most of this was "in my head".

Even after being diagnosed, nobody believed how much I was actually dealing with on a daily basis. And even I didn't fully understand what was going on. I tried very hard to ignore it all, tried a little time to deal with it, than I tried to fight it. needless to say, I ended up running in a circle and spiraled down real fast until I finally ended up with what I call my little "breakdown". (which happened about 2 months or so ago and that's when I found this site!)

I'm proud to say that I finally quit "feeling sorry for myself" and actually started doing things to help myself and I'm now doing 100 times better than I was just a few months ago.

I completely understand you not wanting to build a tolerance to pain meds and having to keep taking stronger ones. That's exactly how I feel! I've been taking norco 10/325 mg for 3 or 4 years now (don't even know how long it's been! lol) they are basically a really strong vicodin (hydrocodone). My doctor has tried to give me stronger meds but nothing else has worked for me or they make me really sick and drowsy. But I don't even want to take something stronger like percocet because I'm so afraid that I will get tollerant to that and then have to keep taking stronger and stronger meds until nothing works for me. I'm also afraid of what happens if I get in a car accident or something and they can't help me because I've grown so immune to the pain meds?

But I have to tell you that Tylenol 3 is not a strong pain med at all. If those aren't helping you, then you should really talk to your doctor about getting something stronger. Even the lowest form of vicodin would help you alot more than what you are taking now. and I really think you should at least try to take the pain meds while you are at work instead of waiting until you get home. if you wait for your pain to be "extreme" then the meds aren't going to help you at all. My Mom always tells me to take it at the first sign of pain, or to "nip it in the bud", before it gets worse.

Anyways...I tried to keep this short...didn't do that well, did I? LOL Take Care of yourself, Stacey :o)


LAWANDA - July 11

i know how you feel about no-one really understanding how hard and horrible this disease is. my fiance says he understands what i am going through, but i really dont think he does. i am so glad i found this website. it does help to talk about this. i go see my doctor on wednesday so i will ask for something different for pain. as least for in the evening.


Ena - July 11

hey everyone , i wanna add something, i have pain in my muscles and bones , and hands , leg , joint , headache , cant sleep, when i get up i fell a shivered and fells unblanced and alot,,, pian in my backbone, and arames , neck....
but try to leave trpain away
believe me that the pain inspite of loving us , he will leave us alittle away
i feel apain every minute
i cant make any thing
i cant arrange my bed
i fell exhust evey minute
but i can live with pain
and i am arranging myself to marry and have a baby
God with All , and he will heal us oneday
bye , sorry for every one feel pain


kvc33 - July 16

From the sounds of it you are not capable of being a wife and mother with the pain and exhaustion you are dealing with. Please do not do this to yourself. A baby needs lots of care and even mothers without illness have a challenging time raising children. Please think about what you are doing. Your health must come first.



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