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Does anyone cope with full time work?
17 Replies
GeorgiaClaire - October 16

I find full time work such a struggle some days. I have had FMS for about 4 years (diagnosed at least) and am a primary school teacher in the UK. My employer is quite sympathetic but I still feel life is such a stuggle some days. I have waves of flare ups and I was lucky last year as I only had two really bad periods (one of which I was off for 4 weeks!). It is only October and I have another flare and I keep forgetting things and struggle some days just to get in to work. I have lost my purse and mobile phone in the last week!!! When I am having a good spell I love my job and it is no problem. It is so hard for people to understand that there are so many problems related to the FM. If I get a virus it makes it worse, if I am stressed etc. Everyone at work thinks I am a bit dizzy. Coping with the flares can be so hard when there is no break. I cannot wait for half term!



JJ1 - October 16

I have been part time since being diagnosed with FMS and I don't know if I could work full time. I also have two teenagers at home and have always felt that when the youngest turned 16 (3 years from now) I may reconsider full time work. I just get so fatigued but maybe when my personal life settles down, I could handle it.


barbar - October 16

I work full-time but I never at my best. It's tough because I work at a very competitive organization. I used to teach at a university and that was great because I could adjust my symptoms around the teaching schedule. I was unable to do any research, though, and so did not get tenure and now here I am, in the real world. A recent note from my doctor to my employer declared me 100% percent disable and unable to work without appropriate accommodations, such as a good support chair and an ergonomically correct mouse. But I tell ya, it's beyond tough. I know that I commit destructive behavior just because the short-term positive impulse is so great. It's hard to get our acts together since we have nothing to pull the train (how's that for a metaphor?). Anyway, I do work full-time, put in a lot of work at church, but mostly go straight home and collapse into bed.


JJ1 - October 16

I should correct my response. I started working part time BEFORE being diagnosed with FMS. I have remained part time because of it, though. I was under a lot of stress taking care of my terminally ill mother and went part time to be able to handle her care as well as my children and husband. After she passed away is when I started noticing the FMS symptoms -- some were probably there during the midst of all the stress but it wasn't until after she died that I had the time to figure out something was wrong with me. Now i don't know if I could handle full time if I wanted to. I have to work a minimum of 24 hours per week and at times that is hard on me. I really need to be working 30+ hours for the income.


barbara s. - October 17

I work full time at a job where I have to be on my feet and active most of the day. It's hard sometimes to keep pushing, but I do think it helps because some days I know I wouldn't get out of bed if I didn't have to. I'm very kucky though, although I have only told 2 close friends at work about the fibro, I do not have the kind of job where anyone is looking over my shoulder all day. I can sit down for a few minutes here and there and it's okay. I do hurt, but I might be hurting worse if not for the physical activity, so this MAKES me be active. I'm thankful to be able to get through it.


peedal - October 17

I work full time. I commute from the Medway area of Kent to London everyday - it's about 1-1/2 to 2 hours door to door each way, a combination of walking, trains and buses (I avoid the Tube in the mornings, but have to take it in the evenings). Like Barbara, if I didn't have to get up each morning for work, didn't MAKE myself get up each morning, I could spend the rest of my life in bed. Even that isn't that comfortable sometimes, I figure, I might as well get up and dressed and keep going until I can't. I'm lucky in that my husband works from home and does a lot of the "chores" during the week, and at the weekend. My kids are 18 and 13, so pretty much take care of themselves. I come home, make dinner, watch some telly and go to bed. Such an exciting life! But the alternative isn't too appealing just yet...!


barbar - October 17

I posted this elsewhere but I really should have posted it here: My doctor had to submit verification of my disease and I took a peek and read his evaluation. He says I am 100% disabled and would be unable to work if I didn't have very specific accommodation, such as special chairs for support, etc. I was surprised to learn that I am 100% disabled. I always thought I was, now I know. Now I really feel good about being able to get in to work. Luckily, I don't have to be on my feet all day, I really feel for those who do! I really feel for 'Peedal' with that long commute. My commute is between 90 minutes and 2 hours each way but I am driving all that distance and not having to get in and out of buses and trains. Still with the best of everything, there are just some days I cannot make it.


corrections1 - October 18

I have to work and am really having a hard time too! I have to just go everyday and when I get home, I'm done!!! I have to get up at 3:45 in the morning and be at work by 5. I am in law enforcement and have to write reports, recall things that are very hard alot of the time to recall verbadum what really happened. I have always wondered why I cant remember things and now I know why. It's the FMS. If I dont go to work, I too would probably waste away in bed, no energy and no memory to go back to school and learn anything else ,what do you do???


deannamarie8fan - October 20

I havent worked since july. My job involves sitting for 8 hours at a computer & due to hip & leg pain, I cannot sit for very long, the frustrating part is I cant stand for very long either!! It seems like no matter what, I cannot get comfortable! My employer seems to think I can come back to work, but my doctor has strongly stressed that I should apply for social security disability. It seems like the pain meds dont do a thing any more. I am so exhausted & frustrated!! Good luck everyone.


TERESA - October 20

I work part time right now, but I will soon have to go full time when tax season hits! I don't know if I will be able to handle it. I'm not doing so well at part time! My main problem is the mornings! I can seem to be able to get up & get around! The doctor & I are working on this & I hope I can get it under control SOON!


AmberRose - October 21

I just got a job today, i have to get some kind of job even if its jsut very part time becuase our new house is slightly more mortgage now and a bit more bills...just untill winter is over at least. allthough it seems pretty good the woman i had interview me understands i may get tired or get pain so all im doing is working in fashion at the bay helping customers and working at the fitting room and prolly a little till work .anywheres form 8-24 hours a week. I do try not to think to much about it though becuase im still worried i will end up in a rut of tiredness again!


Virg - October 21

Congratulations Amber Rose. You'll do just great. Virg.


althea - October 23

I feel for you.. i'm a cashier, standing most of my 10 hr shift, plus house work before work.. I don't miss days becouse of the pain.I just DO IT!! Some days I would like to find a cave to hide in so people can't see my pain . the pain in my legs and feet is so bad I can hardly walk. October has been a very painful month.. I'm counting on November to be better.. and GOD to help me make it threw each day and each sleepless night.. Don't worry about being crazy..I am (sigh) and my customers love me still..(yea..) It helps that I've been here 18 years too!! I can't quit now!! ha this is the longest I've stopped tonight.. Gotta get back to work now.. God bless and may your pain be lighter..


andi - October 27

I was a teacher and had to quit after my back surgery from a car accident in 1997. Everything has been downhill since. I went into Real Estate so I could choose my own hours. Lately, even getting to the office is a chore. I will not take any morning appointments. In fact, I try to do nothing before noon. I usually have sleepless nights and my mornings are so bad that I panic if I have to be somewhere early.
Since I'm becoming a tad familiar with fibromyalgia through this forum, I have to tell you that this dizziness or fibrofog people are discussing is somewhat of a relief to know I'm not alone. I was really starting to think I'd lost it! Sometimes I'm nervous to put myself out in public in the workplace. I seem to be making stupid mistakes, like I had to notarize a document for someone recently. I knew the date and the people signing wrote the date..............yet I dated it 6 days later. We had to redo the paperwork. I was sooooooooo embarrassed!!
Also, on bad days..........its not easy showing houses and trying to be my full time job life is dwindling down to very little. Its really hard to show up and be there!!


Maura A. - November 4

I worked as long as I could but stopped July 2003. Was no longer able to stand for more then a few minutes and only can sit with my leg up. I also have RSD on my right side.


Wanda - November 9

Georgia Claire, I do work full time in a job where I have to sit at a computer all day doing accounting work. I also do books for a contractor at night at home. I take care of my home and my Mother lives with me. It is very hard most days but I just keep pushing. I try to also be active at church. Somehow I feel as long as I keep going, I'm much better off, even when the pain is very bad.

My most frustrating problem lately has been with the fibro fog. It is getting so difficult to keep my thoughts straight and to remember things.
God bless and keep going as long as you can!


Pajamakitty - November 12

Oh, I soooooo know where you're coming from! I work in sales and really love it, and I actually really love to work, but I'm sure people think I don't. Sometimes I can't make it at all, sometimes I go in a little late. Some days I'm there, but I'm not too pleasent to be around...and sometimes I'm just great! I take pain meds 3 x a day, and sometimes I'm too busy to get to it and then I'm just MISERABLE. I have actually quit several jobs in the past, just because I was having such a miserable, painful, depressing frustrating day. I hate this thing.



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