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Does a gluten free diet help?
5 Replies
ibritz - July 31

A friend of mine who knows how much I am suffering, asked me if I had tried a gluten free diet. A friend of hers has a store that specializes in gluten-free products. It seems like that is the latest craze for anything that ails anyone. Just wonder if it's worth the expense and major lifestyle change. Thanks


Fantod - August 1

You have posed an interesting question. I can't specifically speak about a gluten free diet. I went to see a holistic physician recently to see what perpective they might have to offer on my situation. The bloodwork she did was extremely detailed. More so than any other specialist that I have seen to date. Then she asked me to do a 24 hour urine dump which was analyzed by the Loomis Institute ( It turns out that I am completely carbohydrate intolerant. You need carbs for your cells to produce energy. If you can not digest them than in my case it accounts for a pronounced case of GERD and lack of energy. I am sure some of you are thinking that this all sounds like a bunch of quackery. I am now taking an enzyme supplement every time I eat anything. My joint pain and overall pain level has gone down quite a bit. I have more sustainable energy but not for as long as I would like so far. And far as the GERD goes, it is unbelievably better. I am now taking 300 instead of 600mg of Zantac a day. The game plan is to wean myself off of Zantac entirely but given the severity of my GERD that will take a couple more months for my stomach to settle down.. I have waited a month to even say anything about this on the board just to be sure. If you go on the Loomis Institute site you can find a practioner in your area. Insurance usually does not cover these physicians. There are also a couple of sites on the web that will let you do the Loomis 24 hour urine dump through the mail and probably for less money than seeing someone local. For what it is worth, I do feel better and it was worth every penny to finally get a definitive answer about some of my health problems. I find it interesting that I currently have more conventional medicine specialists than relatives. One holistic physician has done more for me in a month than all of them put together in two years.


JJ1 - August 1

I was tested for celiac disease, which results from gluten intolerance. When I read up on the symptoms, they are almost identical to fibromyalgia. I was certain I had it, but after the testing (I was already getting a colonoscopy so they biopsied my intestinal wall to check for celiac) it was deterimined I did not have this. After further research I see that there is a "non-celiac gluten intolerance". It would be a drastic and very difficult change in my lifestyle to eliminate gluten from my diet. I like the idea of taking an enzyme that helps your body tolerate gluten and other carbs. What is the name of your supplement, Fantod?


randiew123 - August 1

YES YES Please tell I would like to know also.


Fantod - August 2

You can not buy this enzyme off of the shelf. It has to be purchased from some one associated with the Loomis Institute.
It is made by Therazyme; the formula is DGST. They make several different kinds and the ONLY way to know which one is needed is to do the 24 hour urine dump. What works for me may not do the trick for you. Take care.


Fantod - August 4

By the way, most holistic doctors feel that FMS originates in the alimentary canal which harbors about 80% of the immune system. The alimentary canal is the "tube" that runs from your mouth through your body and out the "back door". So, thinking about dietary changes is probably a very good idea as long as they are reasonable and not so drastic that you can not stick with it. So far, no one really understands the mechanism that triggers FMS but the holistic circle is certain the problem originates in the gut. Just some further information to mull over. Take care.



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