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Doctors run....
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Cora - September 2

I’ve had fibromyalgia for 20 yrs. During that time I’ve been unsuccessful in finding a doctor (MD) to concur with the holistic practitioner. As I write this I’m tearing up (an easy state for me to fall into). I go to a doctor (MD) explain what’s going on and without fail the result has been the same….they simply drop me. Let me be clearer: the very last doctor I went to told me straight off that he would never prescribe high power pain medication for any reason. I never asked for anything, I simply described what I’m experiencing. From his attitude that he though I was just after drugs! I explained to this man that no matter what the medication after aprox. three to four days it cease to be effective. I was crying because one – I look fine (most of the time), hence no one believes me. Two – After so many years I’ve become depressed. (Anyway, back to topic.) This doctor took blood tests and now they will not return my calls. I stopped calling. This or something similar has happened more than once. BTW, a friend gave me six tabs of vicodin. I took them over a six week period (when the pain was such I was unable to walk and I had some place to be) and that too worked for only about four days. I still have the other two. I am a fifty-six year old Black woman. I am uninsured and (for the most part) unemployed. I do not receive assistance. Question: Is there anyplace I can go to get medical help? The points/areas of pain has increased as well as the severity of the pain. I know it (I) sound crazy to say this, however, touch me just about anywhere and I hurt.


Dalia - August 31

Cora I am so sorry to hear this story. I am assuming you are in the US? I am in Canada so I'm not sure what you can do but there must be a public health agency or something you can call for help. there was a post here a few days ago from a young girl who could not get any help either. I will try to find it & post the link. I am so sorry for the way you have been treated....


Dalia - August 31

here is is.... TERESA has some suggestions..... good luck :)


Dalia - August 31



Michelle - September 2

Cora, what state do you live in? Every state in the U.S. has some kind of Medicaid program. I used to work in a medical office. I know lots about medical assistance.



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