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doctor suspects but not sure, what do U think?
2 Replies
Tamsta - September 21

Hi and thanks for reading. Ive read a lot of things on here and it sounds just like myself. I will try and not make it too long 4 U all.. Its only just started 6-7 wks ago. Started in the back of my neck, base of head, couldnt move, only lasting a day, next morning it had affected my arms and hands, felt like evrything was broken, couldnt even use my fone to ring mum to take me to hospital. Since all that, i have had swelling, extreme weakness dont want to use my arms especially, burning, extreme pain, tingling, unable to do almost everything, even holding a fone or driving a car is not good. Im on panadeine forte all day and morphene at night, im a steriod and an inflammation tablet. Ive had bone scan done which show i have inflammation arthirtis in my elbows, wrists, some fingers, knees and ankles, the rhematologist is hoping its transient so it will go away, we have to wait and see. He also believes its fibromyalgia but also hopes its just a virus that has attacked my body and will go away. I see him in 2-3 weeks so not sure what will happen next. I cant believe the amount of pain im in, my bum hurts, thighs, neck, shoulder blades, lower back, knees, feet, heels, cant really think of a spot where im not affected to be honest. Im scared about what the result might be and i know they need time as there is actual test for it, but could this be viral?? or do u think its fibromyalgia?? Im 29, 2 young kids and pulling my hair out. I spend a lot of time crying but every day i say tomorrow will be better, im yet for that day to come. Sorry for such a first crappy letter in this forum, its just the emotional roller coaster which you all know what im talking about. Take care. Thanks.. Tammy


Anne Hillebrand - September 21

Do you know how to test saliva pH? About 90% of us are overly acidic. Test yours. If the number is not close to 7.4 you can change what you eat, and add some alkali to get it up to normal.

Eye mask and ear plugs let us get to restorative sleep and stay there all night.

Expectorant and decongestant help the body open up and clear mucus correctly.

Anne Hillebrand in Orlando


ibritz - September 22

Since there is no definitve test for FM, your doctor has to rule things out and check the tender points. Since you have only (don't mean it the way it sounds) had the symptoms for a short time, he probably does want to misdiagnose something else going on. Many people suffer with FM for years before being DX. At least your doctor is aware of FM and is working with you to make sure there isn't something else wrong.



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