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Doctor says I'm faking...
10 Replies
Momma5 - September 6

I have been in pain with multiple symptoms and no one can find a diagnosis. I went today after yet more tests came back with no answers. He went on to tell me that he does not believe that fibromyalgia is a real diagnosis. He said that he has been fooled before and that I just want an excuse to get pain meds. My husband was with me to confirm that I really do have these symptoms. How did youngest a doctor to listen to you and believe that you are really suffering? Please help!!


conniehurts - September 7

For me it was spending years going to every dr I could find in several states before I got a diagnosis. Sadly that dr only believed in treating with ibuprofen so I ended up tearing up my stomach trying to control the pain! And I was unable to get myself out of bed for 4 yrs!! I soon got to where when looking for a decent dr I wouldn't let them know I had been to other dr or if I did not who they were! What type of drs are you seeing? The dr that finally started treating me with [ain meds was just a family dr who believed that only I knew how much pain I was in and what drugs helped and what didn't. Sadly he is no longer practicing locally and I have to fight for my pain meds every month! It took me many years, I hope it doesn't take you that long. One type of dr I definitely wouldn't recommend is pain dr as all they want is to do expensive "procedures" that cause more pain than they help! Good luck!! ((gentle hugs))


Momma5 - September 8

Thanks for your reply. It is nice to talk to someone who knows how I feel. It is so frustrating to have doctors that don't get the every day pain. If they had the slightest clue they would not give us such a hard time. It is sad that my entire doctors office thinks that I am either a drug addict or a hypochondriac. I am done with that doctor and I am looking for a new family doctor. I am going to see my neurologist on Wednesday. He diagnosis and treats fibromyalgia. I hope that he will help me. Do you take any of the daily meds for fibromyalgia? Like cymbolta or lyrica? I have been on fioricet with codine along with tramadol for about a year now. I get the lecture every visit. So, instead of a lecture and making me feel like a druggie why not get to the root of the problem and give me a diagnosis?? Would make since to me!! I hope that you can get some help too. Trust me I feel your pain, literally!! Not a day goes by that I don't hurt somewhere!! Or have to deal with a clueless doctor!!


conniehurts - September 8

hi momma5, I have been fighting this battle for many years and only been diagnosed since 2005. I hiad to travel to a specialist in Seattle to get that! I live in Alaska. I have been treated for migraines for since I was in my late teens. For many years I had to go to the ER for any effective treatment and they would always try migraine meds first that would just make me sick then would finally give me a shot of Demoral. After a while that didn't work either. I have tried Cymbalta and Lyrica with worse than no success. They actually made my symptoms worse! The onlyi thing that is working for me right now is .125mcg Duragesic changing every 48 hours instead of the usual 72 hours and 4 mg Dilaudid every 3 hours as needed. Some days I need 1 or 2 other days I need more than prescribed! Getting a dr to give those to you takes a miracle!! I finally found one that said that he wasn't in my body so he had to believe what I said about my pain! I almost kissed him! lol One dr had me on like 15 different drugs that wernt doing any good but it was the only way he would give me the Duragesic. He then made me cold turkey off all of them cuz his business office and I had a disagreement!! I could have easily had a stroke, heart attack or even died doing that! Drs are not taught how to treat anything that they cannot see or find on a test and sadly fibro is one of those things. I fought with severe abdominal pain for 15 years and even had major surgery to try to find the problem which turned out to be endometriosis (had it pre-puberty)and they still missed it! I do not trust drs and pretty much will only go when my pain is more than I can bear. The dr that finally diagnosed the endometriosis asked me how I stood the pain as it was so bad he couldn't see what organ was what and had to go by feel to do my hysterectomy! I had been told all those years that I was a drug seeker, just wanted attention or hated being a woman! Be very careful when looking for a new dr about what you wear cuz they can use that as one of over 20 things they use to decide if you are a drug seeker!! As a pain patient we sadly have all or most of the things they look for on that list :-( I always try to take someone with me to a new dr and if I had a small recorder that I could hide I would record the visits!! I also get a copy of the drs notes for every visit! I have often threatened to bring a pair of pliers with me and use them on a sensitive portion of their anatomy and say well heck its not hurting me so you must not be in pain! lol It seems that being in such pain all the time should be enough to deal with without having to fight the dam drs! Its gonna be worse soon because drs have already started closing their offices so that they don't have to deal with government run health care :-( I hope you can find someone soon and that they don't leave you. Here in Alaska its already hard enough to get a dr cuz usually they are here for 2 yrs and leave. The one that stay are either avid hunters and fishermen or cant practice anywhere else! We want to leave Alaska and move to a warmer climate but its easier said than done :-( Believe it or not one thing that actually helps with my pain is riding my horse (at a walk) for a little while as often as I can. I can barely ride to town in the truck but the motion of the horse relaxes my back and neck and I actually build up strength (if I can ride often enough)and stamina! I would love to talk to you on the phone. I wanted to post my email to you but it wont allow it grrrrr I wanted to share my phone number with you so we could talk.
Peace and gentle hugs Connie


goodaze - September 12

don't rely on the doctor
get an exercise book, record symptoms on left column and date time duration on right side columns. Be specific hot needles inserted in fingers of left hand pain. You will be sickened by what you read a week down the track. But you are getting evidence. Go to rhuematologist / neurologist who specializes in fms/ chronic fatigue. Good luck. Keep fighting for definitive answer to what's wrong with my body??? Tibiorgi


Jayzgurlie - January 1

Doctors who say that fibro is not real are not educated, in fact just this last summer over in I think like Europe somewhere (k that's vague lol) but my point is still true they found out why we have it and it comes from I can't remember but there r these things in our hands and I m not a dr and I don't know the dr terms but I know this they found out fibro is not fake it is in fact real, I will find link and post it here


Jayzgurlie - January 1

Ok it's telling me that links to websites r not allowed so I did a bit more checking so if u actually just google studies on fibro showing its real u will find hopefully one under webMD and than a PDF file a little bit further down the PDF file talks about fibro being caused by nerve endings and that is the most recent study and it in fact proves it's real they actually say now that they know what it is they have a chance of curing it because once they figure it out than they can figure the cure. Neways u should show this to ur stupid dr cuz he is stupid and go to a rumatoligest they r way better. Hope this helps I feel ya I have it my Ruma he says I have it very bad plus I have one leg that is currently all jacked up and hates me so I'm a lot crabby lol


conniehurts - January 2

hi Jayzgurlie, I know I need a decent dr but sadly the drs that work in Alaska either love to hunt and fish or cant work anywhere else! The medical care here stinks and I hope to move this summer to somewhere that has decent medical care. The ER at our hospital doesn't even carry anything to put on burns! They put ointment on my burn when most anyone knows that is the worst thing you can do! I had to beg for a prescription for sulfadine cream to put on it. Pretty bad when you have to tell the ER dr how to treat an injury or illness!


axxie - January 2

I am not surprise reading that another stupid doctor young or old, will tell you they do not believe about FMS. Sometimes, the best medicine with doctors who are non believer is to ditch them and get another doctor and try again. What I don't seem to understand is that there a real doctors who got it and believe that FMS exist.
Either you fire them or you educate them, by way of printing documents about FMS. Now that doctor said he got fooled, no one gets fooled, either they applied the wrong diagnosis, or has no faith in the process of medicine. Some are inexperienced, sadly many of them do try..... So either you educate them and print material and leave it with them. Sadly, the pain meds will take a long time coming. Hence, they all think we are junkie just waiting to pounce on some pain meds..... It's a very sad thing


conniehurts - January 2

Axxie, in my experience trying to educate a doctor just ticks them off and then you have more problems getting proper treatment. The best way to deal with a disbelieving dr is to get rid of him but when you live in an area with few drs its very difficult. I have also learned to find drs that will see me without seeing my previous records because if a dr doesn't believe you and puts misinformation or downright lies in your files you are screwed! I fear what is going to happen with so many good drs closing their practices because of Obamanation care :-(. I just pray that I can keep getting my meds!


axxie - January 5

Conniehurts, I am totally with you on this, but there comes a time, where you have no choice but try to educate the doctor. What I don't get is this Obama care. I live in Canada, our social medical care, is downright a no brainer, and I would have thought that is what the government would have wanted, but no what you have is a dangerous combination of government and the deep pockets of insurance scam. A simple health car, that would not cost you anything for everyone, to be able to see a doctor and get primary care and are referred to a specialist, regardless of if you were born with a problem or you had a heart attack. Always the assurance that everyone gets prevention medicine. Paid in part by your tax dollars and private insurance, but no one is denied. Why is it so hard to understand. After that it's a simplify thing to educate the non-sayers of don't believe in some kind of illness. Someone like us who struggle with our illness and now have to fight the health care, because some have this prejudice.



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