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Doctor not being serious about my problems
20 Replies
murn hurt - December 28

how can I express to my doctor that my aches and pains are not just getting old!!! I do not feel he takes me seriously, it is very frustrating


Leo - September 2

Hi, have you tried TF? Medical Doctors endorse this new product, all natural. 1-866-315-4001 then e-mail me [email protected] PS: this product is on the PRD (medical reference book)


Beth - September 3

Lovely, someone asks for help and gets a sales pitch. *sigh*
Anyway, the best that I can advise is to go to another doctor, and keep going to other doctors until you find one that LISTENS to you. I got so tired of being told it was just "stress". I don't know your symptoms, but any doctor that just pishshaws your complaints is not serving in your best interest.
Good luck to you!


Ann - October 15

I went to my Doctor for 2 years expressing that I was not sleeping more that 2 hours a night. He kept telling me it was "all in my head and that there was nothing wrong with me." I finally demanded another Doctor and was seen and diagnosed within 10 minutes. Now that I have had it for over 15 years, I can look back and see that my mother had it also from the early 1960's all she would do is sleep and sit on a couch "too tired" to do anything. I also remember her doing the "fibro shuffle" in the morning when she first got out of bed. I am now starting to progress more and more in the last 6 months. The fog, tingles in the hands all the time, keeping me awake even with medication, and aching all the time, and oh yes, a husband who thinks I am lazy. I just wish I knew what will be next.


Andrea - October 15

Hi I had the same problem then I sent him a letter telling him how disappointed I was in the way I was being treated, though I recommend if you do this to be nice, I wasn't and I got a phone call back, that wasn't to nice. I feel that doctors need a wake up call with this disease, its not fair in my opinion..Just keep pushing your symptoms and or get another doctor, they are few and far between, but in the long run it's worth it.


tonyab1838 - October 15

I feel for all of you. I decided, after 10 Dr's, to keep a pain journal. I don't do it all the time but if I have a Dr's appt. in 2 weeks I start it up again. I put in every little weird feeling or muscle spasm that happens. It finally got a response and that is how I got diagnosed. It also got me an MRI of my neck and I found that my 5th and 6th vertabrae are pressing into my spine, causing more problems. I know how frustrating it is but all I can say is don't give up. You are worth the fight. I'm glad that I never gave up because just to have a diagnosis is worth it. The Dr's had me thinking that I was crazy but I knew the pain is real. Take care and God bless!!


Sue - October 20

It is very frustrating and after being told I was crazy and come back when the pain is back (hhmm it never went away, but me Dr didn't believe me), I gave up for awhile. We then moved and the day that I had to crawl, I made an appt with a recommended Dr and she is absolutly wonderful and has dealt with many Fibro patients and different protocals on treating it. At my first meeting i told them I was tired of being told I was crazy and that it took me over 6 month's to get the courage to call another Dr. Be upfront with them in the beginning and if they are not willing to listen...leave and try another, also ask around I found friends that knew others with Fibro and asked them who they saw, it helped.


Jean - October 21

This is true you need a doctor that is willing to listen to your complaints, be compassionate, and then try his/her best to treat your sypmtoms in making you feel better. It does take time however because they do have to rule out other possibilities. Communication is the key and keep a diary of your symptoms. If that doctor doesn't want to listen move on. Good Luck


Kim - October 21

I am having the same problems right now with my doctor. They have run so many blood tests and other test and all have come back ok. My doctor is now telling me it is stress and brushes off all of the symptoms I tell him I'm having and I have most of the symptoms listed on this site. My mother was diagnosed with fybormyalgia a few years ago and was asking about trigger points. Almost all of my hurt and my doctor shrugged it off as not exercising. After reading all of the problems others had with being diagnosed, I think I am going to try a new doctor.


Dawn - November 6

I am slso having the same problem with my doctor. He knows I have fybormyalgia/lupus. But he thinks stress is causing my pain. I does not want give me anything for the pain.
I am getting to the point I don't want to go to the doctor's office , if they are not going to do anything..


Jean - November 7

To Dawn:Pain is such a problem. I will tell you this that you may need an antidepressant because your body has used up the chemicals in your bain through the stress of everyday living and also according to stress levels out in the work place. Don't be embarrassed by this, I questioned it too and if you are put on the right one and you may need to try a few this could help you in the long run with the pain you now experience. I also take pain medication and muscle relaxers. It is acording to how bad of a case you are and to know that you need to communicate this with your doctors and ask all the right questions. Trust me it will help. Hope I could help.


Dawn - November 16

To Jean: What pain medicines are you currently on? I would like to tell my doctor about them. If he listens.. Thanks.


Beverly - November 17

After thirty years of seeing every kind of a doctor and about every test medicare pays for LOL I finally was diagnoised by a Rheumatoligist. In most cases you are just spinning your wheels with a regular doctor.
After being diagnoised by a Rheumatoligists in both Michigan and Florida i have been blessed with a lady doctor who does understand how to treat

I feel unless you see a Rheumatoligist you are spinning your wheels trying to get help and understanding from a regular doctor. After thirty years being put down and patronised it's guite a relief to find firbro is a real condition and you aren't a hypochondriac.


Jean - November 20

Hi Dawn: The pain medications I am on are as follows: Flexeril a muscle relaxer three times a day
Talwin NX for pain 4 times a day
Remeron for anxiety
Klonopin for muscle type seizure
I have about 7 physicians that are treating me and each one knows what the other is doing. That is very important information for you to keep all your doctors informed as to what the other doctors are doing.


Jean - November 21

Keep a diary of your pain and what you were doing it may help the doctor treat you.


Dawn - November 23

Hi Jean! I had a doctor appt last week and he told me my pain was stress related...The only thing that stresses me out, is dealing with him(my doctor) He does not want give me anything for pain either. So where do I go from here? I told him about this site and he told me that the intranet is not very resourcefull..Instead he wants me to go to a Fibro... pain management class... I would love to just trade spots with him...and he can deal with my pain...


Jean - November 26

Hi Dawn: It really hurts when your doctor will not listen to you, I also know this from experience. I guess if it were me I would move to another doctor, a Rhuematologist. You said you have Lupus too. I'm wondering if your getting steroid treatment for that condition. Lupus causes nerve disorders and it sounds like it could be painful. Have you been to a site to educate yourself on Lupus? I'm heading there myself to learn a bit more. I also had a doctor who was stressing me out and they say stress can cause the symptoms of both these conditions to rise so this might be a warning to you to find another doctor. Ask the right questions and know that they treat Lupus and Fibromyalgia. Hang in there girl, you'll do fine. Sometimes you have to take matters in your own hands. Fire your doctor and get another. It worked for me.



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