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8 Replies
briansmom444 - October 25

Does anyone feel tendor ALL over (Not just the trigger points) but tendor when poked or squeezed?

When I poke on my forearm or upper arm or even my leg its so tendor!

If I cross my legs it hurts or any applyed pressure like my arm against a taqble, ect.....

ANYone Else??


Teresa123 - October 26

I have had Fibro for less than a year, but yes... I ache all over, and have that feeling too.. sore all over... and are very sensitive to the touch.. Take care


Fantod - October 26

You may be describing allydonia. With this condition, pain is felt in response to stimuli that normally doesn’t hurt. Allydonia is one possible outcome of damaged nerves. Examples: An example of allydonia is when the feeling of light clothing, such as a shirt or blouse, on your skin causes you to feel pain. A light touch sometimes hurts me. I often have pain in areas where I was bruised for months after the bruise has faded. This is not uncommon with FMS. Take care.


peachmelba - October 26

yes they do its like one massive bruise from head to feet.


trans - October 26

Yes me too, I feel like I have been beatin up most of the time. Very true, like one massive bruise but you can't see it.

This monster is invisible and you hae to keep fightin it and constantly keep looking for new ways to help yourself. that is how I have survived over 36 years with this. Best of luck to you.


VictoriaB - October 27

Absolutely! My body feels like a badly sprained ankle all over! It's so frustrating!! Still learning to deal with it!! blessings!


dannape - October 27

Me too, i haven't officially been diagnosed yet, i went for a consult at the sleep study, and they said i definitely need to be monitored, so that will be one more step towards a diagnosis. But i hurt at most of the trigger points, but i always feel like i'm bruised, arms, legs, all over, and i bruise easily, at one point i had 17 bruises all over my legs, and they weren't small, and i have no idea how i got them, and they seemed to last forever. I hope you find some relief. for me, at least right now, i take 1 tramadol during the day, (that helps with the body pain), and one at night, so i can get some sleep, otherwise, the pain keeps me up.


kiwigal - October 27

yes but pressure feels good - a good kind of hurt if that makes any sense! My hubby is sick to death of rubbing my back and legs so I have finally invested in a shiatsu chair massager - feels great and wasn;t too expensive! I usually feel like I have gone ten rounds with a large gorrilla ... and lost ... badly:) Strains and sprains everywhere sounds about right - much worse than flu


FibroGal - November 2

YES! This is classic fibro. Myofascial Pain Syndrome also comes into play here.



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