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Do your Doctors get mad at you?
13 Replies
Maura A. - December 2

I was wondering if any of your doctor's get mad at you when the medicine they are giving you does not work? My family doctor is great but I do have a doctor I go for pain managment that I feel seems to get upset that I am not making any progress with what he is giving me. Does this happen to anyone else? Thanks


AmberRose - December 2

nope my doctor jsut trys to think of another way around it...she tells me no one knows better then me cause im the one whos takign it


teresat - December 2

Doctors are such egomaniacs ( at least the majority are)! I'm sure he is not really mad at you. After all, you can't control how your body reacts & he/she knows that! It is more likely he's mad at himself & projecting it to you! My doctor couldn't CURE or even ADEQUATELY treat me, so he acted as if I was a whiner & a pain in his neck (like I was faking it or something)!!! I have found that if a doctor is new to your case, he/she will be real attentive & caring, but if they have to treat you for very long, they become bored, passive, & possablily frustrated with you! Especially if you don't have INS or money!!! It maybe time to get another DR!! Amber Rose made another point without knowing it! She has a FEMALE doctor! In my oppinion women DRs are much better for treating women!!!! Hope this helps!


JJ1 - December 2

Not to start an argument or anything, but biased statements all-encompassing about doctors get me a little mad. My doctors are truly caring professionals who have dedicated their lives to helping others. Sure, they make a lot of money, but the ones I see at least are worth every penny of it. Drs. who do hospital visits work long hours, long after they leave you and their offices, visiting and assisting patients in hospitals and taking care of emergencies. many doctors take personal time with no pay to help those in need and in disadvantaged parts of the world. So to say the majority of doctors are egomaniacs is just uncalled for!


Maura A. - December 2

Thanks for your answers. I don't want you to think that all the doctor's I see are not doing their job. I talked about my family doctor who has done everything she can to help me. That's why I was interested when you said about women doctor's. She has done a wonderful job of trying to find out what was wrong. She sent me to 5 other doctors to continue to work on helping me. Out of the 5 only one acts as if I should be all better because of what he has prescribed. You get to the point you just want to lie to him so he will think he has done what the others could not. Now I would never do that, but sometimesI think it would be alot easier. A couple of things that he has wanted me to do I taliked it over with my family doctor and she and I don't want to do them at this time. I am sure he is trying his best but I just think that a good doctor works with you. Thanks again. I allways enjoy the information and help that you all pass on. Maura


larry - December 2

Maura- Pls read Mary Sholom's book "Living well with Fibromyalgia- what you doctor doesn't tell you"....this will bring total clarity to what you are going through.


larry - December 2

Another way to approach this syndrome is to work with a doctor that specializes in fibromyalgia with a succesful track record. When we get cancer we go to a cancer specialist, an oncologist . So if we follow that mind set, when we get fibro we should go to a fibro specialist with a successful track record as well. I have had great results with going to a center near me.


teresat - December 2

JJ, you are right! That is why I said ... "at least the majority are, my doctor, I have found, & in my oppinion"... in my post! I would like to find a doctor like yours, but I don't have money or insurance! I have to see what ever doctor the clinic hires! You are very lucky!!


AmberRose - December 3

your right jj1 not all doctors are liek that but just because they are doctors dosnt' mean they doen have ahoem life or grew up in a home with different morals opinions or views...which also guide them to thier actions...i specifcallly (spelling?) chose a female becuase i felt less intimidated by a female doctor and (it seems like) she give sme the time of childrens physicals alone alst longer then 2.5 mins long (which was how the last doc had it) he never listened to my aches and pains adn told me it was beacuse i used to be pregnant (my bone pain????) but whatever i got a good oen now and i liek her!


Maura A. - December 3

I don't want you all to think that I think all doctor's who are not female are not good. I have three other male doctors who are very kind. I discribe them as Dr. Welby from the TV show. They would give you the whole day if you needed it. Very understanding and when I think I am asking a dumb question they never make me feel it is. I just wish I felt better when I go to see the pain management doctor.


CarrieLee - December 13



CarrieLee - December 13

HI Maura, I do understand what you mean. My doctor doesnt get *mad* but there is a noticeable frustration there. I spoke to his receptionist one day when he was particularly cold & she told me that he is just tired of dealing with constant fibro patients because the paperwork is endless, and he feels defeated because he cant do anything for us. So I guess thay get exasperated more at the repetion of it. Like any job I guess. Try not to take it personally... (I know its hard)


Jeri - December 14

hi maura, my doc doesnt get mad but he does seem distracted most of the time. he just kind of rushes thru the apt and gives me my meds. it sure doesnt make me feel good.


barbar - December 14

I think you have to adopt a non-traditional appraoch to FMS. We are used to dealing with our one doctor for everything but because FMS is complex, our strategies for dealing with it might also need to be complex. I'm really lucky because I have a really great primary care physician and I live in an area where there are several research hospitals. I manage my FMS with several doctors, including one who specializes in doing nothing but manage treatments and medications. He keeps my other doctors informed of everything and manages all the meds I get from all of them. It's a complex system and rare because I think it may only be feasible if you have access to tremendous resources. However, a large part of getting this thing working was doing a lot of work, effort, and research on my part to find these guys. I took about 6 years to get it going and I am still engaging other doctors from time to time either as these guys send me out to them or as I find them myself. For example, this forum and you guys have provided a lot of excellent information and I have acted on it. It helped develop a strategy of dealing with the FMS that the doctors agree with. It's good stuff. So get out there, find what resources are available in your area and go to it.



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