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Do You use a walker or not
5 Replies
J em - November 4

Does anyone else have to use a walker to get around?
I was aalways told to keep walking, but has become very hard lately to walk very far before the exhaustion and pain increases to the point where you just can't take it.


caren - November 4

hi j em ive had fms four over a year now i culdnt walk last october i was very weak i also got told 2 keep walking else i culd end up in a wheel chair i did go in a wheel chair wen i went shopping now i ride a bike and use a stick four my balance im under the physio at the moment it isnt helping much im i the hydro pool as well im trying anything


JJ1 - November 5

Those of you having trouble walking made me think of something. Both my mother who was in her 70s at the time and my cousin who was only in his 40s had problems where they suddenly became weak and couldn't walk. My mom ended up in a wheel chair and had tons of tests run and they couldn't figure it out. With both of them it turned out to be a rare reaction to cholesterol medication. My mother went over a year in a wheel chair. A neurologist lived next door to my parents and my dad was talking to him and he suggested he take her off the cholesterol meds and he did and she could walk by the end of the week. Not sure how my cousin found out, but once he stopped the meds he was fine, too. Thanks to my brain fog, I can't think of which med it is, but it is a very common one prescribed for cholesterol. So if you feel like your weakness with walking came on suddenly and was coincidental with starting new cholesterol meds., see a doc about it!


JJ1 - November 5

Lipitor is the medication.


jhummel03 - November 8

Hello, J em. There are times that I have to use a walker. I'm only 38 & feel like a big ol' dork, but sometimes it's the only way that I have to get around. I would rather look like a doofus with my granny walker than to either sit around & gain more pain or ride in a wheelchair. :)


gimmeemo - November 28

When my hips are at their worst I've had to use a walker, and wished I'd had a wheelchair. I don't leave the house without a cane because I never know when my hips are going to give out on me and I would have to just lay down where I was a give up if I didn't have something to hold onto. I hang on to shopping carts for dear life and haven't the guts to try the motorized chairs yet...that is...when I can get to a store at all! I'm only 43 and completely embarrased with the granny cane, and even had a man say I must be about his age...50 something??? Man....I've gained so much weight because of this FM that I'm just not used to the treatment, looks, remarks that people make.



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