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Do you think this is true??
11 Replies
barbara s. - October 16

On the webmd site it says that fibro usually doesn't get worse (I assume meaning that you are at you worst when diagnosed) AND that it gets better with age. From what I read of the posts, this does not seem to be the case. Does any one actually start to feel better? I sure hope it's true.


Virg - October 16

Hi barbara s. That does make sense that one is at thier worst when they are diagnosed. Because something is there for the doctors to deal with. But not getting worse? I wish that were true, It seemed that a symptom went away after another takes it's place.


Jeanie - October 17

WebMd is a very good site to learn, but you need to go farther. I also wish it were true, but you keep getting different symptoms. People that don't have fibro don't understand. Even Doctors don't know.It's a mystery disease and I say disease because it's more than a syndrome. Everyone needs to write letters and call people to get this as a disease. I'm sorry I'm getting off the subject. Talking to one Dr. we figured it started when I was little. Maybe once a month. Then nothing until about 10 years ago. Now I can't work. I take too many meds, but they all do something for each symptom. I hate it. But you have to put up with it. And believe me God helps a lot, because nobody else understands, except people here. I'm glad you're all here!!


BrandyO - October 17

Hi Everyone ..... I don't have half the stresses that most have. I'm happily married with a supportive hubby. I have two wonderful happy independent children and we are in the position financially that I don't have to work. My life is good. As far as the fibro over the last 40 years I have had bad and not as bad times. Seems to run in random cycles. The last 4 years or so have been bad. Now that I am 52 I wonder if this is how it will always be. I pray not! Soft hugs to you all.... Brandy


carm - October 17

I am not sure if FM gets better it does seem that to run in cycles some days better some days worse.


deannamarie8fan - October 20

It seems like my pain is worse. I have gone to the chiropractor, had massage therapy & do strengthening exercises at the chiropractors office. The pain meds dont seem to help. I sure hope things start to get better, but I'm still waiting.


carm - October 20

It seems like I have flare ups that are bad and other times that are more tolerable. Maybe that is what they mean. But I think the longer we have it, it starts to wear on us.


BrandyO - October 20

I agree with you Carm.... I have it for 40 years now and it is defiantly wearing on me! When I flare it feels worse now that I am older and the flares last longer and they seem to come more often. So in that respect it is worse! Brandy


Littlelede - October 21

I have a friend who has FM plus myofacial and is a nurse. I told her that I was recently diagnosed after 2 years thinking I had R.A. and she informed me that it will really never get better. You just have to have very good coping skills.


willow - October 25

I had wondered about that too. I read that it's not progressive, but it sure seems to me that it has gotten worse as I age! Even though I was only recently "offically" diagnosed, I had suspected for years that Fibro was my problem, but as people have said, you're better off not telling a doctor that that' s what you think it is--but let them come to that conclusion all on their own! Anyway, in looking back I can see that my problems with this probably (most likely) started when I was a child, but were attributed to "growing pains", or that I was a hypochondriac! So I've had these problems virtually my whole life, but it definitely seems as if they have gotten worse in the last few years, so I'd call that PROGRESSIVE!


Tisme - November 2

Yes I have always wondered about that one....
Mine has always got gradually worse, and to methat doesn't seem to be too difficult to explain......
For a start the constant pain will lead to tension in the muscles which will lead to more pain, more tension etc. etc. etc......
So there is a vicious circle that gets worse with time......
Also if Fibro causes food intolerances then doesn't it make sense that that will make you worse......?
And the constant fight against it can be so draining...... And the necessity to stay positive takes more of a knocking over time..... The constant disappointments, when you have a better day and then get several really bad ones to make up for it, also is very depressing....and then the constant fight against that again to stay positive.....
And so on and so on.......
However I have now completely changed my diet am drinking 2+ litres water a day, and definitely feel more energy......


Tisme - November 2

I hope my reply didn't come over as too negative..... I wanted to add that although my pain has always got worse, my coping strategies are starting to get a lot better so it's not all doom and gloom.....
The changes in my diet have helped immensely with my energy, and that to me was the most debilitating thing.....

I feel that the best we can do is to work on the coping strategies for sure......and acceptance of fibro......



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