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do you lose your ballance?
16 Replies
Paula - September 17

I have lately been losing my ballance and "tripping over my own feet several times a week.. i don't actually fall.. but it isvery strange.. is this commom with fibro?


Carrie - July 25

Hi Paula. I have dizziness, light-headed, stumbling, etc. Dizziness is one of the symptoms of FM.


Jessie - July 25

I have very poor balance and it's been that way for quite some time. I just feel unable to keep myself upright all the time and I fall to the side or backwards.


Lynne - July 26

I sure do!


Stephanie - July 26

Definately.. for years I had no idea what was causing my dizziness.. I now know it has been my FM..I sometimes feel outright dizzy..and sometimes it is a tired sort of dizzy.. other times its a feeling of not actualy being there. almost euphoric.. not a good feeling.. You may also want to look into ear problems.. sometimes an infection or fluid in the ear can cause similar symptoms..


Judy - July 26

Stephanie, You caught my attention when you said it a feeling of not actualy being there.I have suffered for years with that feeling then following with dizzy spells and sometimes I pass out with out a warning. its like you feel like you been there done that before daysafo (spell) feeling. they have me on heart meds for it but it doesnt work. I never had any of my doc's tell me Dizzyness comes from Fibro. I wonder if that has been my problem all along....


Paula - July 26

Well, this "tripping" doesnt always include dizzyness.......... mainly a feeling of "cotton candy" being in my calves and discombobuled feet......... how aggravating!!


Jenny - August 4

It is one of the most common side affects of fibro. It has something to do with you seretonin levels and also you bllod circulation. Ypu blood does not reach your brain fast enough when you stand p which causes the dizziness.


adam - August 5

Loss of balance and severe dizziness is
are my predominant symptoms...very debiliating!I hate it,the feeling that im veering to my left when I walk or that I am gonna fall....but never actually do. My head also has chronic dizziness. My consultant told me its a continum of FM symptoms, and that mostly men with FM present with such neurological symtoms. Ur not alone x


Anne - August 5

I get woozy & disoriented sometimes too.


TERESA - August 5

I find myself quite clumbsy lately but I dont have dizziness. It seems to be a lot worse in the morning. I find myself stumbling around like a drunk for several hours. I also have like involentary muscle spasms ( be carrying a cup of coffee then all of the sudden have it all over me). These sysyptoms seem to be less toward mid-day.


JJ - August 8

Yes, I have problems with this. I actually broke my ankle a year and a half ago from losing my balance on some steps. It is mostly when I first get up, which I think is kind of normal, but it happens at other times too.


JJ - August 10

I know I just replied to this yesterday, but I woke up early this am to take the dog out and I had horrible balance problems, almost like a vertigo. My body was wanting to list to one side (leaning to the right). I went back to bed and it is better, but still feel a slight vertigo feeling. I have had a cold/flu for almost a month now and thinking it could be related to this rather than fibro.


Jeanie - September 10

I saw your question and thought I would look at the comments. All these people are right on in the answers. I feel and look like I'm drunk. I'm 56 and it's hard but necessary not to break something. If I just am doing normal things I use a cane. I love to walk and was afraid I would fall. I gave up my pride and got a big wheeled walker. Boy I will tell you, you feel a lot safer and can even walk faster. Thanks for all your answers.


Gail - September 17

Yes, it is common among fibro suffers, I had gone to my doctor ,because I had begun to fall about but I did not fall down. What, had happened to me I was mowing the lawn with a push mower and I was tripping and falling about so much that I stopped mowing the lawn. The next day I went to my doctor, and he told me that it was because of the fibro . He stated that fibro affects the muscles in certain parts of the body. I am now using a cane to help control my balance.


Virg - September 17

Hi Paula, something must be in the air today
as I've been inbalancing. Check my answer in
the topic just before yours (fibromyalgia) .


helen - September 17

Yes!! My god, balance is very much part of the HTP dissconnect. My lack of balance is what got me going 100 miles an hour in researching this stuff. I NEVER had a balance problem until the one day that I woke up and was so dizzy that I was nausea (help with spelling??). I felt like the room was spinning and couldn't even move my head. The dizziness lasted for 3 months. My doctors gave me a million tests as well as dozens of prescriptions for anti anxiety and antidepressants. I visited shrinks as the doctors kept telling me there was nothing wrong with me. I look back NOW with 20/20 hindsight and am amazed on the medical direction I was given then (6 years ago) and how the doctors were so puzzled by my dizziness. The day I started with extreme vertigo problems was the day I woke up in the hospital from having 1/2 of my thyroid removed. NO ONE (doctors) made the connection, amazing. Three months later of low grade fevers and dizziness and fatigue I found my first natural holistic doctor. I left her office and never had a problem since with vertigo. She turned me into the patient advocate and naturapathic advocate that I am. We all can get better if we address fixing the biochemical imbalances that are competely individual to each of us. One size (pill) does not fit all. Unfortunately most medical doctors don't get it yet and still have us focused on the symptoms. Good Luck all.



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