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do you have a warm on your back?
13 Replies
bulgarian - July 22

Hi all, do you have that symptom- warm on your back upper and lower part its changing, it not last much(5-10 min) but it is uncomfortable?


ibritz - July 25

I don't understand what you are asking - can you rephrase it.


bulgarian - July 25

To get hot senses around your spine it last 5-10 min.


ibritz - July 26

Yes I do. It's really annoying. Usually, when I have been doing something bent over, or reaching sideways and back in an unnatural movement.. Mine tends to last a bit longer, but I've had this problem for quite a while now. Good Luck


bulgarian - July 30

Hi Ibritz, I would like to ask you somth. could you try to bow down your head quickly 2-3 times to your chests and to tell do you take any sensations like buzzing or tingling somewhere in the body?


ibritz - July 31

bulgarian - kind of. It's hard to put it in words..maybe a bit up the neck and from ear to ear. What about you?


bulgarian - August 1

Hi again, I have buzzing sensations in the back leds and arms sometimes when I bow down my head to the chests.
Maybe I have disk hernia in the back


kathleen Paterson - August 1

hello bulgarian
i get buzzing sensations all over for no reason specially when i am resting .
my doc says itsall part of fybro have you had any hospital appointments to get checked over

take kathy


bulgarian - August 1

The problem is that I've got buzzing in my legs or arms when I bow down my head to my chests and I'm afraid that I might have lesions in my spin, because I've maid MRI only on my head-It was OK. But I have as well pain in the spine and my lower back and I may have disk hernia or .....


kathleen Paterson - August 1

have you been told you have fybro i know you can get a lot of that stuff i have multiple symptoms


bulgarian - August 1

What do you mean: a lot of multiple symptoms?


kathleen Paterson - August 1

welll I wrote everything down and Ii had 33 symtoms on list
chronic headaches , muscle twiching . jerky movements , blurred vision, NUMBNESS , SHAKING ALL OVER ITS ENDLESS



reckaroo - August 2

Hi Bulgarian, I am recently diagnosed with Fibro. I have had many multiple symptoms that none of my doctors could explain including warm(heat or burning) sensations in my low back and legs, as well as, tingling(pins and needles or buzzing) all over my body. I had MRI's, X-ray's, bone doppler's, ultrasounds of my entire back and legs at one point or another. Doctor's thought herniated disk's, spinal degeneration, tumors-all sorts of things but all the tests always came back normal. That being said it is disheartening and down-right frightening to have sensations, pain, symptoms happen to your body that cannot be explained by the medical community. But I saw a rheumatologist and was told I have Fibro. and that is what causes these sensations. He also said while doctors may not know persay exactly why people with fibromyalgia experience many of these symptoms they are real and are in fact caused by Fibromyalgia. So Bulgarian I don't know if you are diagnosed with Fibro. but if you continue with these symptoms and continue to go on without any other medical explanation as to why they are happening,it's time to talk to your primary doctor about seeing a rheumatologist so you can rule out fibro. as well. And if you are diagnosed or later diagnosed with fibro. try to take comfort in the fact that these symptoms are a normal part of Fibromyalgia and there are literally millions of others who are going through what you are right now.


kras618 - September 21

i have the warm spot but it is just warm i thought i was crazy i am going to ask my rheumatolgoist about this on wed



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