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do you get tinnitus??
8 Replies
noel - August 10

Anybody else suffer with tinnitus? This is driving me crazy, i have a constant whining in my ears, similar to an electrical buzz. Whenever my neck is particularly bad the tinnitus is worse. Saw my gp and he said he could do nothing about it, what about finding the cause though(bloody doctors). Sleeping is hard enough at the moment without this


Carrie - July 24

Hi noel. Yes, I get that as well. Sometimes when I get a chiropractic adjustment it improves. Other times it's been stress related and it just takes days to go away. At its worse I spoke to my dr. and she told me there was a radio station that broadcasts a certain frequency, and that either masks it or helps some how. I've never found out about it, probably because it was too much trouble! I think it's nerve related... I don't know though. Good luck and let me know if you do find something that works. Carrie


Kim - July 24

Yes, I also get this, especially when my TMJ is bad or when I'm having a flare up.


Lynne - July 25

I get it too and I have yet to figure what causes it for me.


Tim - July 25

I statrted noticing ringing in my left ear several months ago. Drs. just blow it off. however for me I think it is related to chronic myofacial pain syndrome, which is a condition of super tense facia I do some stretching for this but am still plagued with the pain and other symptoms also FMS. Look into cmps and learn the difference between the two conditions. hope you wellness.


ChrisK - August 9

If you take alot of aspirin products for the pain it may be one cause for your tinnitus.


Amyloo - August 10

Hi Noel. Sleep with white noise. Some air purifiers work. I cannot sleep w/o it. God bless you.


Amy - August 10

Oh yeah all the time I remember before I was told that I had fibro I would ask my husband "do you hear that " He of course would say no, I thought I was crazy til I fouund out that it is a symtom of fibro god was I hppy to hear that but yes it drives me crazy too!And yes there really is not much you can do for it I wish there was. I just try to block it out! Good luck!


SydneyB - September 14

Noel, I have fairly regular tinnitus issues. I use a regular supplement and a sound machine at night. Supplements help during the day and the sleep machine relaxes me at night. It has three different noise settings (white, brown and pink) because everyone's hearing is different. Check out the products, I get them from Amazon. The sleep machine is called Sonorest Sleep Tones. Good luck!



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