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Do you feel like you might be mad? I do...
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ohdearohdear - April 13

I have experienced the following:
Regular deep aches radiating from inside my left leg, deep throbbing. Clearly starts from the pit in my back, and travels down to the little toe. Little toe and left side of foot regularly experience numbness.
Similar pain in left arm, starting from behind shoulder blade. Burning in left index finger tip in evening.
The pains are heightened by a long day of none stop being on my feet.
I have tinitus and low frequency hearing loss (i have hearing aids). I have had periods of my left eye going foggy, and once my left arm went completely weak for about 2 weeks, could not grip. I have chronic cystitus.

I have been given mri of brain and whole spine, they can find no lesions or compressions.

I have been left, after 2 years, with no diagnosis at all. I am 22 (young!) and I just want to get on with my life. I could deal with the pain/numbness/burning/weakness if I had some diagnosis.

If ANYONE can PLEASE PLEASE let me know if they think these random occurances could possibly be fibromyalgia, it could change my life.

I feel that its not, because even though I get this unexplained deep ache, it is generally only my left side. Could it still be fibromyalgia?

My life is getting so dragged down not knowing what is going on with me! I wake up in the morning, put my feet down, and the numbness of my foot just reminds me, sets me off for the day!


Fantod - April 13

ohdearohdear - Based on your description, I don't think that you have Fibromyalgia (FMS). You need to gather up all of your medical records and copies of tests and see someone else. Have you seen a rheumotologist? I assume you've seen a neurologist and/or an orthopedic surgeon.

Your description sounds like a disc problem particularly since you have numbness that radiates into your foot. Just because one doctor says that is not the case doesn't mean that they are correct. Unfortunately, you'll have to keep searching to get to the bottom of the problem. I'm truly sorry that you find yourself in this situation at such a young age. I wish you well. Take care.



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