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Do we have to stay in all winter??
6 Replies
m.e. - December 14

I used to be very active prior to fibromylagia. I even used to run, cross country ski, and even bike in the cold weather (Notheastern U.S.). Now with fibro, I need to take warm baths all the time in the winter and stay inside to help the symptoms. Is anyone able to get out and enjoy winter?? Thanks for your posts! m.e.


fancithatt - December 14

hi m.e. I don't know about others but part of the cold I'm getting use to. But if I stay out too long it gets really bad. I tried to go snow skiing last year and I could only make it until lunch. But I figured at least I got to ski that much. So what I'm trying to say is maybe your body will adjust some, but for me the cold is really bad and makes me have a lot of flare ups. Good luck and I hope someone has some good advise


axxie - December 14

Hi m.e., I have winter for way too long here where I am, and have no choice but to go outside, if you dress warmly, and have good winter boots, then you should be ok. Remember, it's better to be overly dressed then not have enough! Yes, do go out and use your limbs, I know they freeze up in the winter and it's harder, but if you are not active, you will have more problems. I don't know if you use celebrex, but you can use it to eliviate the difficulty of body in motion.


Fantod - December 14

No - The cold weather is really a problem for me. The minute it starts my pain level goes through the roof. Actually, it makes no difference if I am inside or out. My reaction is pretty much the same. I am really beginning to hate any drastic changes in the weather. My personal dobbler system is usually more accurate than the local forwcast. Take care.


Noca - December 14

I dress warmly and relax my body with Clonazepam. That seems to help.


m.e. - December 15

Thanks all for responding. I feel like an old granny at 45! Any outdoor holiday stuff (tree lightings and stuff)--I feel like I need to avoid and that makes me sad for my son. Last year, I asked his dad to take him snowboarding for the first time, and I was the experienced skiier! Fancithatt and Fantod...I agree on the flare ups increasing and our personal "doppler" being accurate (good one, Fantod!). Axxie-- I have not tried Celebrex, but will look into it. Noca--I use another muscle relaxant, but only as needed. Thanks girls! Checkout the Sunbeam "Renue" heating pad....wraps around the neck and upper back. I love it!!! it in the pharmacy. Helps my neck sooo much! Thanks again for your support. My prayers go out to you all. m.e.


gzusrox - December 21

Im glad i found this post. I just realized that for the last 3 years(including this one) that every winter i have trouble walking and standing. If i try to go shopping my left leg starts to act up and i cant move it forward to take a step. if i stand too long on my right hip, it likes to give out and i almost fall. My butt has hurt so bad this last week and my legs and back muscles, all because i went shopping a week ago monday. i have flexeril and diclonfenac, but they dont work anymore.



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