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Do muscle relaxants help?
6 Replies
SallyB - May 23

Do muscle relaxants help Fibromyalgia? Am thinking of the types used by those with MS, etc.


karziedarzie - June 14

I tried some Skelaxin I had been prescribed for back pain - and it did help one night - when the leg pain and burning was so bad. But long term? You'd have to ask your doctor. Good Luck!


Lform - July 28

I have gotten relief from Flexeril. A doctor prescribed this to use when the muscle spasms really flare up. This does help relieve the pain and also helps me to get to sleep. I only use when really needed.


rcrchick29 - September 4

i also use flexeril but just at night, it helps a little with muscle cramps at night and also helps me sleep some, but my system gets used to it and i have to switch to something else for a few months, but i only take a small dose anyways, if you try it start on a weekend to see how you will react to it, i have to take mine before 9pm or i am groggy the next day, so you will have to figure out a schedule that best works for you, best of luck


VictoriaB - September 5

Flexeril is good. I used it for sveral years until I started getting rashes from it. Don't go in the sun if you take it, it can cause sensitivity!


Fantod - September 5

Another option would be malic acid to stop muscle cramping and twitching. You can find this in any decent health food store. Also plain old calcium tablets relax muscles. I usually take three in the morning and another 3 at night before bed. If I have had a particularly bad day I may take more. Either of these options work quite nicely without the hangover effect from drugs. Take care.


ibritz - September 7

Unfortunately, I take a myraid of medications. I do take muscle relaxers and they do help me with calming me down and sleeping better. I usually only take them at night. Not sure if they contribute to fibrofog , but it may.



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