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Do mercury fillings, root canals cause fibromyalgia?
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January - November 11

Do you, or did you once, have a mouth full of mercury fillings?

Have you had one or more root canals?

When all else failed, did you get a dental implant?

Recently been reading some interesting material on a naturopath's site about the toxicity of mercury in old dental fillings, as well as the fact that root canals may set up serious and permanent infections in the body, including AUTOIMMUNE diseases and neurological diseases like MS. I am wondering how many fibromalgia folk have one or more root canals or dental implants? Did your symptoms start after the dental work? If so, you might want to check this site which is very interesting: put in the w's (dot) hugginsappliedhealing (dot) com.

There is are several sections; in one, he explains how the body does not like to have anything "dead" in it - a root canal is a dead tooth- regardless of what they call it. A variety of bacteria grow in the ligaments that hold the tooth in place. Strong antibiotics are usually prescribed with root canals, however, they cannot adequately reach the ligaments, so the infection remains there and eventually can cause problems like abscesses. Every time you bite down on a root canaled tooth, the pressure forces some of the bacteria out into your blood stream. The bacteria can set up shop in any of your organs or tissues. VERY interesting article. I don't know if it's true or not, you decide. This doctor maintains that if dentists told you how harmful root canals are, they would be out of business. He also maintains that lots of different materials used in dentistry are toxic to the body, but since they are in the teeth, the toxicity is discounted.

So, I really am wondering -- how many of us have had lots of fillings? At least one root canal? How many of us have several or many? Or dental implants? And when did your fibro symptoms start?


PEANUT - November 11

This is very interesting..My entire mouth is a mess! I have multiple fillings in my mouth, some as far back as 45 years so one wonders what exactly was used. I've also had one root canal - don't recall exactly how far back that was. But I don't know that my FMS onset coincides as I believe I've had it since late 1990's but mouth work goes further back than that. I t does give one 'food for thought' indeed. I also experience a lot of pain with my teeth and the last time they were 'repaired - filled' the pain never did go away. Many times when I get a vice like head ache, it magnifies the pain in my teeth - fun and games as always. Anyway, I thought this was an interesting post and did want to share my dental experiences. Take care as best you can, all!


January - November 12

Thanks for the response Peanut! I hope you had a chance to look over the hugginsappliedhealing website. I've had lots of dental work my whole life. Mercury fillings, eventually all dug out due to further decay. I had caps on my teeth. I had a root canal decades ago that apparently set up a huge infection which I didn't feel. It resulted in a very big, invasive surgery for tumors in my sinus. Once the tumors came out, my severe headaches were relieved, but my tooth and jaw pain continues to this day. They still write it off to "fibromyalgia."

If you read what this Dr. Huggins has to say, he claims there is no way to eradicate infections in the teeth - other than to pull them and mechanically clean out all the infected material. He says we are being sold on root canals and dental implants, to save our teeth and for cosmetic purposes, but maybe at the expense of our overall health?

Please, if anybody has any information to add, let's consider this issue….?

I'd love to hear if anyone else has had extensive dental work - or even one root canal. Someone told me years ago not to have any done, because her experience was that her root canal set up a terrible bone infection that later had to be scraped out.

Bad teeth can cause infection to spread all through out your body. Upper molars are so close to the sinuses, they routinely cause problems with sinuses. I just read somewhere that one person a month dies during "routine" dental surgery. Stuff you don't hear about. There is a blog site called "dentist the menace" that is very interesting.


deepakanto - November 17

i got fibromyalgia. had tiredness and fatigue for many years. but after falling in a football match over backside i got back pain. that during a consultation a doctor pointed that i got fibromyalgia. a lot of points are active and pain due to pressure also for the last 5 years or so(now 28yrs old). had dental fillings when i was in 2nd standard itself. now as many eight of dental fillings.


January - November 20

Hi deepakanto. I have some old back injuries too. Do you think the fibromyalgia pain started after your football accident?

I don't know if the dental fillings are as bad as having root canals - which have to be done by a specialist usually. Otherwise, I think there is a high incidence of them getting infected over time. Hopefully your fillings will not cause you a problem.


deepakanto - November 20

hi january, the orthopaedician told me that i got fibromyalgia when i visited him during one of the episodes of intense and chronic back pain after the injury. I previously had back injuries too:(
if my memory serves me right i got fatigue and tiredness for a long time. I'm taking duloxetine for one and half years. my pain was almost nill 2 months back and i decided to stop. Bad idea as the pain came back with vengeance. Too many factors to consider as the cause is still unknown.

The worst thing for me, although my family is full of doctors they wont understand what i'm going through. They say its something psychological tha t i'm making up. I'm a medical student too but the studies are not going well. I'm overweight too though i reduced it a few years back by putting a lot of effort it came back.


January - November 20

Hi deepakanto - have you googled for information about duloxetine? It can cause very bad withdrawals, and very bad side effects too. If you google "Cymbalta lawsuit" you will find a lot of information. It looks like people who had a bad time with this drug are trying to get a class action lawsuit together. Also google "Cymbalta side effects" and "Cymbalta withdrawals." If you read some of the forums about this, you might be amazed that other people feel just like you do!

I understand what you are saying, the medical professionals are being taught certain things, but you know, sometimes these things change over time and are later proven wrong. If you would like some information from a different perspective about drugs like duloxetine, google "Dr. Peter R. Breggin." Also google theroadback (dot) org. (We can't write in websites, so put in the dot normally.)

It is possible that you started out with a pain syndrome, and when you took Cymbalta for that, it might have given you more pain later? I don't know - you have to research your own case. But "fibromyalgia" is a syndrome, not a well-defined disease. If you are a medical student, you will know the difference. The drug companies are pushing this drug hard, and telling doctors that fibromyalgia is a depressive disease and needs to be medicated. Since I have been through that and come out of it, MY feeling (just my opinion) is that there is something wrong with that approach. The antidepressants have been out long enough now that we are learning about long term side effects, and they aren't good.

Cymbalta is VERY hard to stop taking, and should be done with medical supervision. I managed to stop taking it, but it took 2 or 3 years to begin to feel normal. I still have back pain from old injuries, but I am not sick like when taking Cymbalta. Nor am I depressed. Cymbalta made me extremely fatigued and depressed, and then anxious. Now that I've withdrawn from the drug, I don't have the problems I had when it was in my system. I don't know if it affects everyone like this, but I had a horrible time with SSRIs and SNRIs. They can stop working - and then you feel terrible.

I really understand your frustration, and I'm so sorry to hear you are going through this. YOU will have to learn all you can. It's good that you're a med student, you can understand what you read and evaluate its validity. Having back pain is bad enough - but you might have other symptoms that are side effects of drugs. Hope you can find some helpful information in your research. I have found that it's better to read the information on comprehensive pharmaceutical sites than to read what the drug manufacturer writes.



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