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Do I really have Fibro?
7 Replies
JCT - May 29

I was diagnosed about 3 months ago with Fibro. Im still not totally convinced. This all started after the birth of my 3rd child. One week post c-section, I woke up with neck pain and muscle spasms, since that day my symptoms have spread all over my back and occasionally in my hips. I am extremely tired a weak all the time. I have gained about 20 lbs since this all started. I have so many symptoms but I am still scared that there is something else going on. I am only 31 years old. Is this common in someone my age? Should I give in to this diagnosis or be persistent in making sure theres nothing else going on? I have had alot of tests and everything so far has been normal. That just makes me feel like Im crazy! I just wish I had some answers.
Sorry for all this rambling......just so tired of feeling like Im in the dark.


KU - May 22

I know that people with fibro need to be careful not to chalk other problems up to fibro symptoms. I wouldn't worry about your age though because many people develop fibro while they are teenagers. It's not just a disease for grandmothers.


Anne Hillebrand - May 23

Before spending for a lot more tests, check a complete list of symptoms (there is one with descriptions at If that sounds like you, have your Thyroid tested. If Thyroid test is ok, this is what you have.


Debra - May 24

Beware of If you listen to what Anne Hillebrand tells you to do for your Fibromyalgia you will suffer in the end.The treatments that she suggests are extremely bad for your health and will make you more sick and suffer more down the road.This i state to you is a fact.She is not a Doctor and she is missleading desperate people like your self to use things that are bad for your health.WATCH OUT. FIND A GOOD FIBROMYALGIA FRIENDLY DOCTOR AND GET PROPER TREATMENT AND GUIDENCE FOR YOU ILLNESS. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU.TAKE CARE....DEBRA.


JJ - May 24

You need a doctor to eliminate more than just thyroid as a possible cause of your symptoms. My doctors did a whole myriad of tests including checking for Lupus and rheumatoid arthritis and more. Part of my problems were due to anemia as well, so a complete blood test is needed before a doctor can say it is FMS.

I admit I also have doubts about it being the correct diagnosis for me, mostly because I do not classic symptoms. I find the "fibro-fog" more debilitating than any pain i feel. But the blood tests ruled out everything else.


Jean_ - May 28

If they give you MRI's make sure they are done with contrast which will rule out other possibilities.


JCT - May 28

Thanks so much to everyone that has responded. I did see a Rheumatologist and he did alot of bloodwork and eliminated RA,Lupus, etc... I havent had any MRI's yet, just a CT of cervical and thoracic spine which were normal. Ive had a chest x-ray...normal. I have had CBC, electrolytes, kidney functions and thyroid checked........all normal. I am getting new symprtoms every week. The concentration, foggy head feeling is getting bad now. I also have been having some dizziness. I do have alot of Fibro I guess I should just accept the diagnosis. When the Rheumatologist did the tender point exam..he said that I had some that were positive....but I feel like I have tender points everywhere, not just in those places. My son put his elbow on my leg yesterday while he was sitting next to me and I jumped b/c it was so sore. It is like that on my legs....arms....seems like everywhere on my body. If this is indeed Fibro it is getting worse and spreading.
Again....thanks to all of you who took the time to respond to my question. I really appreciate it!
Good Luck to all of you!


Judy - May 29

I too found out I had fibro after the brith of my twins, that is when I found out I had fibro. I still think I am gong crazy at times. then later we had a car accident and I really got in a lot of pain and many symptoms I am un able to work. my twins are now 6 years old I am 45 so I feel like I have been dealing with this for so long..I did find something to help me and I just want to share it with everyone its called Monavie. check it out.



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