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do i have it ? please help
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claire17 - February 12

I am 17 year old female who lives in new zealand and have suffered intense muscle pain in my legs ever since i can remember as the years have gone by the pain has continued to spread. I had a sudden onset of back and shoulder pain around age 9 which changes day by day and a couple of years ago i started feeling intence pain in my fingers and arms and they would swell and turn purple. I went to a specialist and he did numerous tests and x-rays and all he could say was that i had raynauds phenomonem and was hypermobile. All i recieved was anti inflamatorys and pain relievers .
on top of those other symptoms my legs knees and hips continuously burn and ache and i often feel as if my jaw does not sit right (even though the dentist assures me it does)and it feels achey

im sick of feeling like this and i hope ive finally found out whats wrong with me.

Does this sound like how anyone elses started?


JJ1 - February 12

The discoloration (turning purple) really does sound like Raynaud's, but people with Raynaud's sometimes also have fibromyalgia. Do you see a rheumatologist?


claire17 - February 14

thanks for replying
yes the specialist i went to was a rheumatologist and i do feel he got it wrong with the raynauds .. but fbromyalgia was never suggested and he is suposed to be the best around..


Gabbie - February 16

I agree that Raynaud's can be linked to fibro. The feeling that you are getting in your jaw sounds like it could be TMJ (tempura mandibular joint) which is also linked to fibro. I also have it, along with fibro, and it does feel like you jaw is not in the right place and it sometimes causes headaches and pain down the sides of the neck and into the jaw and teeth. You mentioned that you have seen a rheumatologist and if you feel he/she got the diagnosis wrong, I suggest you find another one who is familiar with fibro and who "believes" in it. From what I've read, there are some doctors that doubt what we are experiencing, so it is important that you find the right doctor. Good luck to you.



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