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do i have FM or should i get tested for lyme
4 Replies
crystalmoore - September 23

i am having severe pain in my calfs and on the bottom of my feet. The pain will ease up at times and other times get worse. Sometimes it will go up to my thighs. I will have my husband squeeze the bottom of my feet as hard as he can just to ease some of the pressure. Sometimes i cant even hardly walk. I went to the dr. and the only test they did was a nerve test on my back and legs and that was negative. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas or thought on what it could be or where i would start. thank you


Robin1237 - September 23

Hi Crystal -- I think this is Lyme disease. Pains anywhere in the body, coming and going, migrating...That's 'cause the Lyme bacteria affect the nerves and soft tissues. Go read at The best testing lab is at Do a Western blot IgG and IgM test. Plus you can get tested for coinfections if you want. I'd recommend looking at their symptoms first if you're considering any tests besides Lyme(babesia, bartonella, ehrlichia). My fibromyalgia of 25 years turned out to be Lyme disease. My legs hurt too. I have to put them up. Check out the hypercoagulation discussions on lymenet too(Click on the Search function at the top of the page). Some people do not test positive for the infections and yet they have them. So LLMDs(Lyme-literate medical doctors) also treat clinically and see how people respond to antibiotics. Lymenet can help you find a knowledgeable Lyme doctor. People are also trying all kinds of treatments besides antibiotics too.


elle108 - September 30

I think Lyme Might be a possibility and its wortth getting tested. My daughter was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and had a positive Western Blot for Lyme as well. Seems her fibromyalgia symptoms were in fact caused by Lyme and one coinfection called Babesia. Her health has improved dramatically on antibiotics, but it has taken several months. I encourage you to have your Lyme tesdting done through IGENEX labs. Mt daughter's was done through Labcorp, but I understand that her positive Western Blot through Labcorp was a relatively rare finding as Labcorp does not test for all of the bands that can be positive if a patient does in fact have Lyme.

Good luck to you and I hope you feel better soon.


JJ1 - September 30

crystalmooore, I suggest you see a rheumatologist so that they can test you for the various disorders that have similar symptoms. That said, my rheumy did not test me for Lyme, so you may want to bring that up to the doc.


Robin1237 - October 4

Elle is right about having Lyme and coninfections testing done through the Igenex lab - it's the best testing lab for Lyme( And it's best to see a Lyme testing/treating doctor. They're usually connected with the ILADS medical professional org. The folks at can help you find one near you.



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