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Do I have FM
2 Replies
sgt - June 1

Hi all,

This is kinda long, but I want to get all my info in there to see what others may think...I have not been diagnosed, in fact I just stumbled upon FM while typing my symptoms into google. So to start, I am 25 and F. Growing up I always had pains in my quads which everyone just said was "growing pains", but I still get the pain. I also awake in the night several times and wake up feeling completely exhasuted and stiff even if I've had 8+ hours of sleep. Also growing up I always had muscle tension in my neck and shoulders, but about 4 years ago my symptoms suddenly got really bad. I started to get extreme tightness in my neck/shoulders and these awful headaches that would start at the base of my head (where the spine attaches) and would radiate to the rest of my body. I didn't know what to think, so I went to a massage therapist but that did nothing. Then I went to a podiatrist to get inserts for my shoes thinking my spine was out of alignment, but again no help. Then I went to tons of doctors and none of them could find anything wrong. Finally, I just accepted it and started taking the anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxers that my doc had prescribed. I did that for a while, then they weren't starting to work so I went to a physiatrists and he just said I had chronic tension so I got botox injects in my shoulders and neck. The pain was supposed to be gone anywhere from 4-6 months, but one week later the pains were back!!! Since then I have seen chiropractors and an accupuncturist and the only thing that has helped is, the question is, does this sound like FM? Should I go to a rheumatologist to be checked out?


kvc33 - June 1

Read through the associated conditions in the blue box on your left. If you see yourself there, then it's more likely that you have fibro. You would need to see a rheumatologist for a diagnosis. There is essentially no test for FM except the trigger point test in which the doc presses on eighteen common painful spots to see how many you have. You must also have pain in all four quandrants of your body to qualify. Above and below waist and on both sides.


January - June 1

Hi sgt, I agree with kvc. Also for most fibro people, getting restful sleep is a huge issue. You mention waking up exhausted even though you've slept 8+ hours. This is typical.

Fibro is such a strange illness. Hope you can find help in this website. I have learned so much - I'm amazed to see posts about things that I never had connected to fibromyalgia before. I really don't think anyone understands enough about it yet, but it's a good step that we have a community where we can all talk and compare.

I'd say it's worth a visit to check things out with a rheumy. I would also recommend you do your research and read up about the drugs they will probably recommend - so you know what you're getting into. When I first got diagnosed, my doctor, who was older and excellent, told me we had to treat the pain and sleep issues. Now, you often get an antidepressant. Just be clear about what KIND of pain you have - muscle, nerve, connective tissue - and research what's the best treatment. I think acupuncture is good, if it's working for you!

Wishing you some relief from pain soon!



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