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Do I have Fibromyalgia???
5 Replies
shaunanagins - March 8

I have been to my doc several times now and had blood work done with no results. I have pain(ranges from sharp, burning, stabbing,etc.) throughout my back, neck, chest, and shoulders. It feels muscular, but it's hard to tell anymore. I am always tired regardless of how much sleep I get. I can't stop grinding my teeth. If I can get comfortable enough to sit back in a chair for a few minutes, I can't stop moving my legs. I sometimes have palpitations. Constantly trying to change positions to get comfortable. Some days(not very often) I'm fine. Others I can't tolerate it. Seems like the pain will change sides of the body from day to day. All these symptoms are amplified ten fold when I'm stressed. I don't believe my doctor thinks that the pain is real. He just tells me I'm depressed. I have had depression and severe anxiety issues all of my life, this is new. I have read a lot about fibromyalgia and most of the symptoms match, but I am a male and I don't have the same kind of pain below the waist. Does anyone have similar systems?


sinkbee - March 9

I don't have pain below the waist either which is very puzzling.I havn't been officially diagnosed but all the doctors I've seen can't find anything else wrong.My symptoms started just about 2 years ago.My first symptoms where pain in the neck and shoulders severe headaches, panic attacks,constant anxiety,chest pain, numbness and tingling especially in the arms and hands,the list goes on and on.My doctors prescribed anti depressants but I quite taking them. Doctors hav'nt been much help I've found.I've started exercising and that seemes to help even though my joints will hurt days afterward,overall it helps me feel better.I have drove myself crazy the last 2 years trying to figure this thing out.The worst of it to me is the constant anxiety and when you try to explain it to someone they just don't get it.Before this started I rarely ever even went to the doctor.Now I think everyone now thinks I am a hypochondriac!


kvc33 - March 9

Sounds like you may have Restless Leg Syndrome which is sometimes a part of Fibromyalgia. Read about associated conditions from the blue box on the left. Do you have muscle weakness as well? Do your legs ache if you do too much walking?


Jocelyn - March 9

I have widespread Fibro pain. Upper body and lower body. Sometimes half my body is good and other times it is the other half. Fibr never makes sense, it is a senseless syndrome, but boy does it hurt.


shaunanagins - March 11

This is all fairly new to me. I started having palpitations a couple of years ago. The doctor told me that I had high cholesterol and that that was what was causing the palpitations. I changed my diet completely and started taking fish oil daily. My cholesterol has dropped 70 points and is no longer considered to be "high", but the palpitations still happen, not near as bad or often, but they still happen. The rest of the symptoms are new. I feel like my mind is in some sort of dream-like state. All the docs think I am making this up, and no one understands the pain and fatigue that I feel daily. Plus, I am a business manager which has been extremely difficult considering the lack of concentration. I feel like I'm driving myself insane!


Jocelyn - March 11

Are you seeing a Rheumetologist or a GP? You need to be seeing someone who specializes in Fibromyalgia and knows all the different symptom's that come with this disease. Palpitations are a part of Fibro along with many other symptom's. You will need to see a heart specialist to rule out if there is any problem with your heart etc. Each symptom you have needs to be checked to make sure there isn't anything else going on. You sound like you have chronic fatigue as well.

What you have is chronic and you need to be taken seriously, so if you are not getting anywhere with your doctor, it is time you changed to a new doctor, before your symptoms become worse than they already are.



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