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Do i have fibromyalgia?
2 Replies
tailz03 - June 14

For the past few years i have suffered from a painful hip which has gradually got worse til now where i can barely walk. I have had x-rays, physio and hydrotherapy but none have helped. Here are all my symptoms.

Allergies - Many different ones including pollen, hay, grass, types of food, types of medication and shower gels/soaps/washing powder
Hip pain - Pain in my left hip when movement occurs but no problem with the actual bone structure. Locks in quite a lot
Depression and Anxiety - Had for many years
Itchy Skin - Mainly face arms and legs
Bruise easily and scratches appear randomly- My legs often get bruises randomly and 'cat like' scratches without even knowing how i got them (i don't own a cat)
Lack of co-ordination - I walk into everything
Lack of concentration/memory - I have no organisation, i forget things and get distracted easily
Struggle sleeping - I struggle to fall asleep and when i wake up i feel like i haven't slept well
Tiredness - I'm tired all the time
My body aches when i havent done anything and hurts even going up stairs
Feet - I walk on the sides of my feet
My eyes are sensitive to light
I put on weight without hardly eating anything.
Periods - Very painful, suffer badly from PMT
Prone to crying for no reason, im very emotional and stress out and think about things too much
My bones click constantly.

I think thats as detailed as i could possibly write!

Thanks in advance guys.


julissarodriguez - June 15

Hello tailz03,

It sounds like you have alot of the symptoms of Fibro, and also allergy issues as well. Have you ever talked to a doctor about all the pains? Try to find a doctor that you are comfortable talking to , if you dont have one already. After seeing many doctors over the years, I can tell you that some doctors seem to not want to deal with Fibro, or dont believe in it. Dont give up.. if that happens fire that doctor and look for a Rheumatologist.. Do you have any insurance? The only reason I ask is that Rheumotologists can be expensive. I know that if it werent for my insurance I wouldnt be able to afford paying 180.00 every visit, plus meds.. No matter what, dont give up and find out what is causing all this to you. I know this may sound a bit weird, but the day I found out I had fibro, I felt a bit relieved, knowing that I now knew what I had after suffering for so long...

So, I would suggest you see a Rheumotologist and a Allergy doctor....

Let me know how you do..



Fantod - June 15

It is very possible that you have Fibromyalgia (FMS). To get a clear diagnosis, you need to see a rheumotologist. There are other things that can mimic FMS like thyroid so the rheumotologist will want to run some tests to rule out other problems.

Have you been tested for a vitamin D deficiency? That can cause widespread pain.

Has anyone considered bursitis as a possible cause for your hip pain? It can be extremely painful - I have it in both hips and shoulders.

I also think that you should see an allergist.

You can call your local hosiptal physician service to get a referral to a rheumotologist with an interest in Fibromyalgia. Good luck and let us know how you are doing.



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