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Do I have fibromyalgia???
2 Replies
Leimomi_lee - August 12

Hi everyone. I am looking for some help. I have not been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, but there is something wrong with me, and I hoping someone out there can give me some answers. I have several symtoms, and my doctors have settled on a diagnos of intercystial cystitis..however, my medication isn't working, and I still feel bad. Here is a list of my symtoms:
Fatigue - even when I get sufficient sleep
Pain - sometimes extreme in my bladder/pelvic region
Feeling dizzy/vertigo. I have gone to the doctor several times over the past year with this sensation. Sometimes it is so bad that I can't eat
Stomach pain / IBS.
Does anybody think this could be fibromyalgia? I am just looking for some guidance and help. Thank you all for your time


FibroGal - August 12

Hi, Leimomi_lee. The things you listed are certainly part of fibro. What are you taking for the IC? How long have you been on it? I took Elmiron for a year.

I can relate to all the things you described, the fatigue, the IC, IBS and dizziness. I have a sort of constant general unsteadiness and imbalance, and I just got over a 2-week bout of vertigo. Have you talked to a rheumatologist? My heart goes out to you. I know it doesn't feel good but be of good courage. You will be okay and we are here for you.


Leimomi_lee - August 13

Thank you so much FibroGal for responding. I too took Elmiron for over a year, and it didn't do anything. The vertigo spells sound a lot like what you experienced. I go for about 2 weeks feeling completly out of it, then the dizziness stops. This happens every couple of months. However, the fatigue and bladder pain are pretty constant. I have not talked to a rhemutologist yet, but I think I will try and make an appointment with one.

Thank you for your kind words. They mean a lot



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