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Do I have fibromyalgia?
5 Replies
Bill - January 20

For the past 5 years I have suffered with: Chronic Myofascial pain, TMJ, IBS, Off and on low back pain and haven't been able to sleep without the aid of prescribed sleeping meds for a year now. Also since this summer I have had nerve and muscle pain in my righ arm and hand.

About 3 weeks ago I had a Nerve conduction test on my right arm/hand which was normal. The specialist said the ulnar nerve was being irriated but thought it could be due to a pinched nerve in the neck. I do have a herniated c6/7 disc (found out this summer), but was told by doctors that it wasn't causing any problems??? (this was accidently discovered while doing an MRI to see what else could be causing all my facial/neck and head pain . . . left side only)

Also, I find I get dizzy quite easy and feel like I'm in a fog (mentally) frequently. The stress from overworking tends to make some symptoms much worse.

My family doctor eluded to the possibility of fibromyalgia, but has never directly attempted to make that diagnosis.

I don't think I have 11 out of the 18 tenderpoints that are suggested as necessary for FS, but I do tend to get sore muscles easy. I am a 38 year old male. Currently my right hand actually changes color to a purplish color and there is an extremely strong ache in my shoulder, tricep and armpit.

I'm curious to know what thoughts and recommendations you all might have.


Jean - December 19

Hi Bill: You brought in a new thing... Hand turning colors, that is new to me. Is your circulation alright? I see you have both sydromes. You are probably having difficulty in sleep as well. Being a man you won't admit that but you do need proper sleep and with these conditions you need anti depressants for anxiety and/or depression and mucsle relaxers for relief in some muscle groups and you may need some pain medication. Ususally this is the last resort because no doctor wants to give you opioids but I think this is changing. You do need to be diagnosed by a Rheumatologist, Antidepressants are best prescribed and monitored by psychologists and your GP should be able to take you the rest of the way with exercises you should do. Stretching exercises are recommended. Happy Holidays.


Bill - December 21

Thanks for the reply Jean. I'm new to this board as I just stumbled on it. I'm finding it very interesting and I believe it's helping me make more sense out of how I have been feeling for the last 5 years. I'm a little concerned about looking like a hypochondriac in asking my doctor to test me for fibromyalgia. It seems I've taken many tests which come out negative and sometimes I think I'm going nuts . . . nuts with pain and even confusion. It's so difficult to act normal to people, especially coworkers, because I "look normal" to them. I just try to suck it up and continue to "appear normal". But by the time I'm home every night I'm wiped out with fatigue and pain and basically can't do anything. Weekends aren't any better. I find at times I seem to catch just about every cold and flu that goes by me. I miss a number of days of work every year due to IBS, pain or colds or flus and I am so self conscious of how I appear to the owners of the company I work for. I am in a fairly important position with my company and I don't want to let them down, however, I feel like I'm "losing it". My mind is constantly in a fog these days. My short term memory has at time abandoned me. I interview a number of people every day and by the end of the day, I can't even remember who I've seen. Thank goodness for paperwork and the records I write down. With all the pain in my neck, shoulder,,arm and hand I can barely right or type. I find for some reason that a carpal tunnel brace gives me more longevity on the typewriter, even though I don't have carpal tunnel syndrome. I'm probably just rambling (forgive me). But in all honesty I have found this site extremely therapeutic and just typing some of these thoughts is having a "releasing effect on me mentally". I really appreciate this site and the people who share their life out of concern for others. That's awesome! keep up the great work everyone!


Jean - December 23

Hi Bill: Thank you for your kind words. This condition has put me out of work after 7 years of service and would not bring me back . That's ok because I after 4 years have found a company I believe will work with me with my problems and I think companies should be made aware of these conditions. At least it is recognised by the medical community at times, there are stil problems in that area. I find educating your family and friends to be the greatest help and support. You sound like you are in a higher position and it is difficult to confide in upper management depending on the company. If you find that this starts putting you out of work and you have used all your time it will be wise to talk to a disability attorney, it takes time for this process and you can begin it after being out of work 6 months I think. I was out of work for 2 years before I applied and I am now working again but continuing the process, just in case. Something to think about and do your research. Happy Holidays


AKFlyfisher - January 18

Bill, I would say yes to your question. I am 38 yrs old and male and have the same symptoms you do. I dont have a herniated disk, but my MRI showed a small cyrinx (fluid sack) in my spinal cord at T6-T8. I sit at a PC all day and it makes my back ache. I force myself to get on a elliptical machine everyday for 30mins and I take ambien at night 10mg and when that loses its affect I go back to 50-100mg of Elavil, but his makes my limb movement disorder worse at night, I kick the covers to the foot of the bed everynight. I have tried massage and antidepressants but none have worked for me. The elavil helps with IBS but you will need to modify your diet to quit eating all the GOOD STUFF... chocolate, coffee, ice tea, sweet tea, desserts all trigger my IBS which sucks.... I have a demanding telecommunication job and it is hard to make it through the week, but I am single and dont know how to do anyting else that pays as well. I know we all have bills to pay...... I hope you find a doctor that is willing to help, you should find a pain management clinic possibly. I do not have the 18 tender points either, but the rest of the symptoms. My doctor is unsure, but I know I have it, the RN psychologist understands and can prescribe the meds so find one that can do that. Good luck to you.


Jean - January 20

Hi Bill: Just a thought! You said you caught colds and flu alot. Have you thought about a vitamin regimin, it could help your immune system and also get a a flu shot if you're able too every year it will help keep away some colds and such. Wash hands when working with people that is a must and will alos help in keeping colds and other bacterias away.



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