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Do I have Fibromyalgia?
4 Replies
Daniel28 - November 6


I just read about fybromyalgia. I have a lot fybromyalgia symptoms (for example stiffness, 'fibrofog', depression, skin problems). But one I don't have: pain. I don't have severe pain, I have severe stiffness in my neck. But it is not pain. Do I have fibromyalgia?


JJ1 - November 7

I have been diagnosed as having fibromyalgia and also do not have constant widespread pain. I have many of the other symptoms like you mentioned and I do get pain and stiffness. It is just occasional and it comes and goes. About 2 or 3 times a year I can have extreme debillitating pain and that usually follows a very stressful event. So, although I sometimes doubt my diagnosis, it seems like you can have fibromyalgia without the widespread pain. My first doc told me that the 11 trigger points used to diagnose fibro is for identifying candidates for clinical trials but is not necessary for a diganosis. I recommend that you see a rheumatologist - they are the doctors who typically test for and treat fibromyalgia.


Daniel28 - November 7

Thanks for you answer, JJ1. I will now consider to see a doctor/rheumatologist


Gabbie - November 7

About 15 years ago I had some problems, all of which I blamed on other things. I didn't have pain either, just stiffness but over the years, little "things" have been added. Different parts of the body would ache but it would go away. Over time more pain came on and stayed with me all the time, some days worse than others. From what I've read on this forum, there are many different symptoms and degrees of pain that fibromyalgia patients have. I suggest you see a rheum as soon as you can to be properly diagnosed. I wish you well.


dalejr62 - November 7

I only have severe pain when it's weather related. ecspecially if it's cold and the wind blows. I can barely walk. My knees and thighs burn like there on FIRE!



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