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Do I have fibromyalgia?
5 Replies
chrisb89 - February 25

Ok I'm a 26 year old male always been in decent shape and work out
regularly. About six months ago I noticed when I would leave the
gym my neck would be very stiff, but it would be fine by the time I
got home so I ignored it.

Three months ago I woke up with some lower back pain and ignored it
because it didn't seem too major. I kept running and doing weights
for about two weeks, and then I finally stopped because it was
getting worse. In this time the pain had travelled and now is all
over my back and also my shoulders and neck. X-rays showed nothing
and I started PT with very little help, I've also done bikram yoga
which seems to help a little, and hot showers all the time feel good. I definitely have some tender points - areas where there is no pain, until I push on it. However I haven't had a headache or most of the other symptoms since this whole things started - and I can sleep pretty good. No pain below the waist.

I've had a couple massages and the lady says I have more knots and
am tighter than anyone she has ever seen on the right side (above
the waist) and on the left side (below the waist). I now have mild
pain 24/7 and if I stand or sit for too long the pain can get a lot
worse (standing is the absolute worst, and I get really bad pain - mainly in the upper back, but lower back too). I've also been depressed the last 2 months because of the
pain, which I know worsens my condition but I can't help it because
I can't do any of my usual activities and it depresses me.

I have an MRI scheduled for Saturday which maybe will tell me more (but they don't expect to see anything), in the mean time does this sound like any of you? Is this fibromyalgia?


jane doe - February 25

Hi Chris, I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I DON'T think you have fibro. I have always heard that to be diagnosed with fibro, you have at least 11 of 18 tender points AND pain in all four quadrants, both above and below the waist. Also you sleep well. If the pain is just in your back, shoulder and neck area, it's possible of course, but doesn't really sound like it to me, especially if you have no other typical fibro symptoms. Did you look over the symptom list in the left hand column? I'm sure you are depressed since you can be as active as you are used to. Do you think you injured your back working out? Have you tried a chiropractor? Good luck with your MRI, and let us know what happens.If they don't find anything, ask if you can see a rhuemotogist. They are typically the ones who diagnose fibro, and they will know. Whatever happens, whatever is wrong with you, DON'T QUIT until you get answers!!!


chrisb89 - February 25

Thanks for the quick reply. I really hope I don't have it. I have no pain when lying down but pain all the time except for that. My back feels so stiff all the time, except shortly after excericises or a hot shower (five minutres later it's back). The thing is they don't expect to find anything in the MRI since I have no pain shooting down my arms or legs - they agreed to do one only when I insisted.

I question what else it could be. After three months of PT you think it would get better but it really hasn't. I don't really have any of the symptoms in the left hand column except for the stiff back (and maybe depression related to it).

I hate to complain, and I'm sure on these boards many have it worse then me, but God this is so frustrating.


chrisb89 - February 25

Oh I should also state I have very light pain on the side of my ribs (kind of feels like burning) that comes and goes (usually on the left side) and sometimes the same across the abs. Unlike the back pain this doesn't last all the time and it really doesn't bother me, but I am aware that it is there.


JoniB - February 25

Have you heard of Chronic Myofascial Pain (CMP)? For more info see this website I hope you get to feeling better.


nicolahall - March 15

HI Chris, My symptoms are fairly similar to yours, I have had back pain for about 5 years and more recently neck, shoulder and ankle pain. The pain in my back also gets alot worse when i stand up for long periods. I have had alot of blood tests and a bone scan which have all shown nothing. I have a new doctor who has suggested fibromyalgia and it all seems to make sense. Just thinking this could be the same for you. Let me know what you think.



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