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Do I have fibromyalgia
3 Replies
tjs - August 17

I have for many many month's to over a year suffered from body pain, my back, neck, shoulders, head, legs, hips constantly ache, sometimes just a little and sometimes unbearably. I have restless leg syndrome, migraine headaches, depression, I feel like a walking hypochondriac. Some days it just hurts to get out of bed. And EVERY night I fight for some decency of sleep. Yet all day long I fight constant fatique. It is getting so bad lately that it is affecting my work. I am 51 and wonder if it just ins't the effects of growing old (old age pains). I am always tense, stressed, irritable, short tempered, and have difficulty with concentration. I am an RN, (I work in the Emergency Room) and I have to say for many years I have dismissed Fibromyalgia as "all in the head" My daughter has Fibro, and I have been known to tell her that. Now I'm not so convinced. BUT having been on the disbelieving side of the illness, and as a health care provider, I know all too well what others, Doctors, nurses, etc think about patients with the complaint of Fibromyalgia. I am AFRAID to go to a doctor and try to explain this to them. Where should I begin, what kind of Doctor would be recommended. I don't get the feel from my PCP that she is all that interested. I have been referred to and Orthopedist for my back pain, and sciatica pain (I know that Ortho's don't do backs).
Neuro's only do the Migraines.
I went to a sleep specialist for my Restless Leg Syndrome, he put me on Neurontin, took me off Klonopin. Doesn't help me at all, says I have sleep apnea, and need to try bipap, but I have claustrophobia, don't think that's the answer.
I just need some help and direction.


JJ1 - August 17

I did not know that there was still a lack of acceptance of fibromyalgia. I have been very fortunate and have yet to run into a doctor who did not believe in fibromyalgia. You should definitely see a rhematologist. If there is a local fibromyalgia support group, contact them and see if they can recommend someone.


dl - August 28

Hi tjs,
I am in heath care as well and my Doctors are starting to bring fm up as a posabilty. Interestingly, my PCP explained it with an example of MS. Many years ago MS was dismissed as an all in the head type of illness, until there were test that could prove it. My PCP flat out told me she dosen't think its all in my head. I am not convincend that I do not have something else. I was in an auto accident 6 mos ago and all the pain has started since then. My PCP also sent me in for a sleep study. As it turns out I have central apnea, not obstructive. I am sure she expected obstructive. The central apnea comes from the brain not telling my body to breath. Because of the accident and being on vicodin and off thyroid meds, I am not convinced that I have it. I took quite a blow to the head in the auto accident. I have post concussive syndrome, that still continues. I can not beleive how debilitating things are for me. I am also in menopause ( had a hysterectomy at 21 and am now 43. I stoped taking hormones 6 years ago. I think I am aging rapidly.) Give fm happens mainly to woman ages 20-50, I think hormones play a large roll in fm. I am going to work on bio identicals and get back on thyroid and have my sleep study 1year post accident and off narcotics. It is very frustrating. Good luck.


Robin1237 - September 19

I think we actually have Lyme disease, a bacterial infection, generally acquired from an infected tick bite, but can also be gotten from other insects as well as human transmission. The bacteria inflame our nerves and soft tissue. It's a systemic illness, not just one part of us. Doctors have generally not been educated in the symptoms, tests and treatments for Lyme disease. Also there can be other coinfections the ticks carry. Go to and study there. There are a lot of people helping each other through this. A good testing lab is It's best to find a Lyme-treating doctor. We generally need antibiotics, plus people are trying other treatments too. My fibro symptoms went to zero in one week when I went on clindamycin 150 mg 4x/day.



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