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Do I have fibro? Undiagnosed for a year :(
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Urvshabon - November 16

I am posting here in search of some kind of answer. I have had chronic chest pain in the left sternum area for over a year now. It hurts every single day and the pain can be aching to sharp stabbing. I remember one morning waking up and needing my wife to help me out of bed it was so bad. Anyways, I have been tested for cardio problems all negative. Blood tests never show anything alarming and yet the pain persists. I just recently got the results of an MRI. I was so excited…finally I would find the source of the problem. I just got the results back today and nothing….nothing at all. I think they said something that my lymph nodes under my arm pits were smaller then normal but that was incidental as they were looking for something in the chest. I was for certain an MRI would show the source and now I’m out of all ideas. So I ask this community for help. I’m not seeking professional medical advice just advice in general with the list of symptoms I’m about to give you.

Chest Pain (over a year 20-30 times a day)
Strange mind jolts or “shocks” of dizziness (hard to describe that one. Start a month ago with no signs of letting up)
Pretty sure I have IBS now
Knees will ache on some days pretty badly
Pretty much feel like crap 99% of the time

Is not arthritis –sed rate is not high a tall
Heart problem

Only thing I can think of is this or something with my nervous system…

I’m totally out of ideas..a little help please ?


Urvshabon - November 16

Sigh...I forgot to add
I've had
Mouth ulcers on top side of gums both sides of mouth. (only happened once)

Been to a Orthopedic already and nothing :(


Canada17 - November 16

The only advice I can give you is to keep seeing your doctor until you have a diagnosis. If it gets to the point that your doctor does not believe these issues are real, find another doctor.

I wish you luck in finding answers.


Urvshabon - November 16

Yea, I've seen five doctors. I am at a pain clinic now and they are the ones who got me the MRI. I go in for a steroid injecet this weds, but I'm so disheartened. I would love just for a diagnosis so I can have peace of mind.


Canada17 - November 17

Have you mentioned to anyone that you think it might be FMS?

I was only diagnosed this past June. I have been suffering since a car accident in 2004. After hours of research, not only did I come to the conclusion that I have FMS but also that I've had it all my life.

My GP was sending me for test after test after test, all coming back normal. Then I told him I had been doing some research trying to find a connection with my symptoms and I came across a lot of information regarding FMS.

My doctor immediately made the connection, performed the tender-points test and determined that I have FMS. But he hadn't even thought about it until I brought it up.


Urvshabon - November 17

I will bring it up to my Doctor. So your doctor never even made the connection? That gives me hope!


Canada17 - November 17

That's right, didn't make the connection until I brought it up and I didn't even have to finish my statement before he was performing the tender points test. I all but saw the light bulb over his head! ; )

I wish you luck.



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