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Do exercise really work for you?
10 Replies
Gmasboy - October 9

I walk everyday...I am raising my 5 1/2 yr old grandson and we walk home from school each day in all weather...dr says that is good..builds up the emunsystem(sp)... I haven't been sick sick (like flu,) in grandson just started school and has been sick twice now...
I can not do sit ups or things like that, but the walking seems to do ok with me....
Anyone else have ideas with exercises...


AmberRose - October 9

Swimming is great you can even do that with your grandson! Just being in the water helps your muscles because they are still working hard but not to the point where it gets super sore


BrandyO - October 9

Hi Gmasboy ..... I workout at Curves 4 days a week. The equipment uses hydraulics so on those days that I am in pain or more fatigued I just don't push as hard so there is less resistance. I defiantly have built up my muscle strength since starting 4 years ago. I also really enjoy the social part of it and have made many new friends. Believe me there are mornings that I would rather stay in bed but after I go, I feel so much better. I highly recommend it. Best wishes to you, Brandy


AmberRose - October 10

Hey we used to have a workout express and they used the same machines , allthough the gym closed a few months ago they were allways great and if the tension was too high they would lower it, those machines were great. I would agree with brandy and youshould try it if its possible!


JJ1 - October 10

Exercise can be hard when you feel like crap all or most of the time. I try to walk my dog daily, but sometimes I just don't have the time or energy. My doc recommends water aerobics and also recommended the Gazelle excerciser because they are both low impact exercises. Water aerobics are hard unless you have a pool and live in Florida (yes and yes for me) or near an gym with a heated pool. My pool will be getting a little too chilly for me to use soon. I try to do situps but it seems when I get in a good routine something disrupts it. So basically, exercise is good but it is hard with FMS to keep up a routine.


Stephanie417 - October 10

I agree with these posts.. swimming is the easiest on the muscles and joints.. when I am feeling well, I go to the gym and do the stationary bike and some weight training.. It makes me have more energy and feel healthier..


carrie lee - October 10

Gmasboy, I agree with JJ1, the Gazelle is wonderful. I use mine while watchinf a favorite half hour tv show. The tv kind of keeps my mind off the discomfort but I make myself keep going untill the final credits roll!!. It is also very low impact and pretty easy, we all like easy!


Gmasboy - October 11

Thank you all for the info... unfornately I don't swim...but it seems that the walking helps .... I am thinking of getting back into weight lifting, but on a lower level than I once was....


carm - October 11

I walk and do water aerobics on occassion. The walking seems to do the best. Sometimes I play golf with a cart but the next day can be heckish on my body but I feel like I have to keep trying until I can't stand it anymore.


andi - October 27

I committed myself to an exercise program at Curves for Women 2 years ago. I will have gone 365 times by this November 4th. I MADE myself do it and its helping the pain. In fact, if I don't go, I hurt worse.
Anything you can do to keep limber and not freeeze up is great! Sit ups aren't always the best for anyone, especially someone like me who has rib cage pain and mid back pain. But, I'm serious about the kind of workout you can get at Curves.............I don't work for Curves so I hope no one thinks I'm


barbar - December 17

Hey, can you check in and let us know how you're doing?



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