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do clothes hurt anyone
9 Replies
stephani - April 9

does anyone have trouble with their clothes hurting.
it sounds absurd to me but anymore my clothes hurt!!!
yesterday i had on a pair of jeans which where not tight at all but they made my hips hurt so bad. shoes hurt all the time and my bra hurts too. any suggestions or similar problems?


JJ1 - April 10

Sometimes bra straps hurt, but usually I just feel very uncomfortable with anything tight or restricting, including shoes.


kaime - April 10

In the winter when I wear long sleeves and I push them up, it hurts my arms...and my sleeves are not tight at all.


Gabbie - April 10

Hello Stephani. I was experiencing more than usual pain in my knees recently. I realized that the knee highs that I wear end up exactly where there is a pressure point at the inside of the knee area (I could feel the elastic actually pushing on the area ). I know that may sound a little silly but since I've stopped using them (I'm wearing the old faithful socks under jeans/pants) I don't have nearly as much pain. There are pressure points all over the body and I'm wondering if your bra and any other article of clothing may be pressing on one of them. Also, consider purchasing good shoes with support and cushioning and also with a lower heal. It can really help lessen the foot pain and is worth spending the extra. I wish you well.


Jana15 - April 18

Hi Stephani,

I've just joined this site but I was diagnosed over 10 years ago and yes, I sometimes have a dreadful time trying to find something to wear that doesn't make me hurt. I used to think I was the only one who had this odd little symptom. It sounds silly but in actual fact it can make getting through the day almost impossible. Fortunately I live in an environment where wearing a sarong is quite acceptable and that's how I get around the problem. A sarong or a very light weight, loose fitting nightie that passes as a dress.

I hope you find some relief but I am sure it is part of the Fibromyalgia.

Cheers Jana


marwal - April 28

Hi, yeah omg, my skin sensations and pain are probably the worst. I'll have pain in the morning wherever my positioning has put pressure on any part of my body while I was sleeping. I take a daily shower, as normal as anyone else, but I really don't want to. It hurts my skin. It's a bit off topic, but I've had to go out and find sheets, and a duvet cover that doesn't hurt my skin. But back on topic, my feet hurt even a short time after wearing shoes, any kind. Ps-I was tested for peripheral neuropathy and it was negative. As suggested by others, it's worth every penny to make yourself as physically comfortable as possible. You are already suffering enough with the disease.


Wonka - May 18

You are not alone. I have to buy my clothes in bigger sizes or they must be of stretchy material. I have bought some nice camosoles (Spanx and Body) to replace my bras, which I can not tolerate at all.
I have had to replace most of my shoes and now only have a few that I can comfortably wear. They need to be cushiony and light weight. I had tried on a pair of sandals (recommended by podiatrist) and my feet aches so bad that I had to take them back. They were just to heavy. I live in my Australian boots, in winter, Keen shoes and Teva waterproof leather sandals.


LisaCorine - May 23

I have found lately that the waist band of my pants and my bra feel like they are making my skin feel raw and sore by about 2 or 3 in the afternoon. I feel silly telling anyone but I do have a friend who's finance has Fibro and he says clothes and sheets bother him too. I don't have any suggestions but I'm in my pj's the minute I get home!!! lol


Kinsey27 - May 29

Hey there stephani - I'm new here and my clothes also hurt. My family sometimes think I'm crazy because it gets so bad that I have to strip down to a loose fitting swimsuit type coverall.

Most days I'm able to get away with wearing loose fitting or oversized clothes and really dread having to wear anything that will touch me.


Natasha31 - May 29

yes i understand this i have taken to finding comfy clothes i had to go to pineapple for jogging bottoms because they have no stupid elastic waist bands and ugg boots bacause i can not bear to wear shoes as my feet feel like they are being crushed and have to rip trainers off whilst driving sometimes i have stopped wearing bra's n now wear sports bra's so i dont get the bone of the bra digging into my ribs, hope these tips help sweetie Luv Nat x



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