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Do any of you sleep??
17 Replies
Bailey444 - October 22

I can not sleep with this darn fibro...just naps during the day??
Anyone have any great ideas or meds???
I have tried a few meds, but nothing as of yet has helped..
I just want to sleep?????


K2009 - October 22

Hi Bailey - As you can see I am "up." Yes, I have a tough time too. Have you tried Tylenol PM? It usually works for me. I am TRYING to go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time each morning. It is very difficult, but I am trying. My doctor will not give me Ambien, because there are recent studies that it changes the make-up of the brain! That is all we need! I also try not to drink caffeine late at night - did tonight though - and that can work for me. Wish I had some concrete answers for you!



Bailey444 - October 22

Thanks Kirsten

It did help giving up caffeine, and when I did work I worked in healthcare and did many different shifts....not good for anyone really, so I agree, going to bed at the same time and keeping that schedule must help.
Hope you finally sleep tonight...I am going to try to see if sleep might find me soon.
All the Best...T


K2009 - October 22

Hi Bailey, If you find something that works well, let me know too! Yes, see you in slumberland - hopefully!!!

Kirsten :)


toots2889 - October 22

Bailley, have you guys tried amitriptylin? I am on 100mg and found this to be the only thing that really works for me. Hope this helped.


Fantod - October 23

Yes - but generally not well. I seem to go in cycles whre things are tolerable and then I just fall apart. I take Amitriptyline for sleep, and gabapentin at the same time for nerve pain. On top of those, I use Melatonin. I can't remember a time that I did not have problems with sleep even before I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (FMS).

I think that you should consider a sleep study to see what is going on with your sleep cycle. It sounds like it is all out of whack. And, if your muscles don't get deep sleep to repair themselves than your pain level will be higher. Napping during the day is likely part of the problem. I think a sleep study is needed. Take care.


axxie - October 23

Hi Bailey, the midnight hour strikes and I'm still up, it's 3 a.m. plus and I'm just starting to feel sleepy.

I take Trazadone, with my perpermint tea, if my room is messy, I throw everything in my walk-in and close the door, nothing that will bother me from the room, when I see everything is in order in my room, I put my eye mask on, straighten my bed, close the blinds, close all lights around my room, I leave my door room open just an inch, I get comfy, no noise, keep my room cool, pull on my soft luxurious sheets and comforter and I'm out like a light. All this helps me go to sleep.

No hot baths or hot showers this will wake you, if you want to take a shower, dim your lights and only stay in the shower for as long it takes for you take a shower, use a soft water jet, buy yourself some relaxing soap wash lightly, rinse and wrap yourself in a big fluffy towel just for you and go to bed with your fluffy towel, it works like a charm.

Clutter free room, clutter free mind, helps to ease you into sleep. Keep tv, computer and stereo system out of the room.

Tell the family, when you go to bed, no disturbing you, unless the house is on fire, don't make any noise that will wake me, that means the tv had better be watched in another room in another floor.

Try it, it might help you. But do ask your doctors about trazadone, if he says no, you can always try benadryl, it does help to fall asleep with. When things don't go right for me and I can't sleep, I cook a full meal for the next night. Just doing that works for me, because then I have done something useful and for me cooking is a form of therapy and it helps me know the next night I don't need to cook, I just need to re-heat. Sometimes I sew a few things, by hand, or read a few pages of a book that is really boring that will drift me to sleep sometimes.


axxie - October 23

Another posts, about sleep. Please read on, it might describe anyone on this board.....

FMS patients such as you or myself and everyone on this board have what they call low level of somatomedin C, it's a growth hormone that is stimulated in sleep. For some reason FMS patients have a problem with the structure of sleep. This only means, that healthy people have sequence of sleep stages. With FMS, there is no orderly pattern. We have a fragmented sleep pattern. If your sleep is fragmented and unorganized or out of sync this will contribute to our daytime symptoms, such as I want to do is sleep, because now my body is telling me I'm tired and want to sleep.

Stress and chronic pain equals insomnia, which just causes further stress, chronic pain which causes further sleep loss, and so on.

Doctors will usually just prescribe a sleeping pill, but the real answer is, finding out why you don't sleep, you would need to go to a sleep clinic, but that will not give you much, except if you have clear symptoms of physical sleep apnea.

Sleep clinics can't even tell if you happen to be a person who has delayed sleep phase sundrome or called DSPS, which can be mistanken for insomnia, the circadian rhythm is out of phase. You feel as if you aren't ready for sleep when the clock tells you that you should be. At times you may not get to sleep until early in the morning. When you sleep, you do sleep well and you wake refreshed, unless you have a coexisting sleep disorder. Most DSPS people like I, are night owls. We are sleepy during the day and have very bad mornings. On days off, I'll sleep until noon to clear up my sleep debt. Delayed sleep phase syndrome usually start in infancy. To what I know, I have always been this way.


sassy59 - October 24

Read my earlier post. I too have this problem, but the last month is the best I have had in many years. All natural, discuss with your doctor as with any meds, natural or not.


ineedsomehelp1959 - October 27

yes you can get help for sleeping my doctor prescrbe me 30mg of ambien and it works i have no pains and i sleep thru the entire night am really scared because i have severe pains in my left breast that criss cross over to the center of my chest. went into er and they claim its wall chest pain and gave me some pain pills-this diease is taking the quality of living from me, some days are good some are bad. any one out there having chest pain in the breast area and the doctor cured it please share with me so i can be happy again


Noca - October 27

Use Zopiclone, after 10 minutes of taking it you wont be able to stand it so strong. It will knock you out cold. Only works for about 5-6 months straight though then your body becomes immune to it.


lorieholtz - October 27

i so understand where your coming from. i would guess its been since august that i've had a good nite sleep. i ususally average 2-3 1/2 a nite. by the time i go to sleep its only cause of pure exhaustion. what wakes me up is pain. some days i will take naps. i do this because i feel like i need to get sleep whenever my body will allow it.I really don't want to get into sleeping meds cause i've seen some really bad adverse effects on ppl that i know. dr's have tried me on a few of the tripaline meds but the cause me restless leg syndrome lol another syndrome. i am going to talk to my dr tomorrow about this and see what he says. sleep is so important to us cause this is a time when your body does alot of healing. i hope you are able to find an answer. if you do let me know.... i'll take any advice


Jaynie774 - October 28

I use trizadone. I started out with instructions to take 1/2 a pill for 4 nights and then up it to a full pill. Well I took a half o a pill and slept like a baby, but didn't wake for 13 hours! It works. I still am not brave enough to take a full pill and I have been taken it for about 3 weeks, not every night as it has a lingering effect on my body... Good luck and hopefully Good night;)


chowda72 - November 5

I daydream about sleeping. the only way I get any kind of deep sleep is to take 4 advil PM. that only works half the time


axxie - November 6

Well I use trazadone, at first it would knocked me out for a good 12 hours on half a tablet. Today after a year, I'm used to it, I can take a full tablet and go to bed and sleep sound, won't wake me, unless someone wakes me.

I like trazadone, when I'm stressed I take half a pill and it gets me off my high horse if you know what I mean, and it will not wear off, until I sleep a good 7 hours of sleep.


bmcgovern - November 10

One thing that helps me sleep is Melatonin. You can get it at any health food store. Sometimes i take Tylenol PM and Ibuprofen PM. I hope this helped.
Good Luck


chowda72 - November 10


I feel your pain hon. I go 2-3 days straight with no sleep. Then of course i finally passout. I also suffer from Hashimoto's disease along w/ FM. I have been so frustrated after taking the following--] Advil-PM, Tylenol-PM, Benadryll, I once even took Nyquil. Good Luck and always know your not alone.



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