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Do all of your symtoms of FM come all at once ?
12 Replies
angie tq - March 3

Or do you often get just one symptom at a time, followed by another etc and occassionally more than one symptom together and on really bad flare ups all your symptoms together.

i.e. i regularly suffer with IBS/Raynauds/ Aches & Pains/ Burning sensations in my hands & Feet/ Jaw problems / Fibro Fog/ Extreme Fatigue/ specific pain points...

at the moment i seem to have all of the above, but the length of flare up's differ greatly.. Can anyone tell me what the average length of flare up is when you get all of these symptoms together ??


JJ1 - March 4

It can vary. I usually have some degree of fibrofog all the time. I always have some type of soreness and burning in my feet (tolerable without pain meds). The rest of the aches and pains come and go in varying degrees of severity. Also, a severe pain flare up can last anywhere from minutes to months. Before taking elavil, my pains pretty consistently would last for several months before disappearing in one place only to appear somewhere else. I cannot tell you any average lengths. Right now things are much more infrequent and rare than before i was taking meds. Last major (debilitating) pain flare was early January. It was in my neck and lasted several days. I think it was the result of Christmas and New Years holiday stress.


angie tq - March 4

Thank you for the reply. you seem very kind. I hope all goes well for you and yours.


almsha - March 5

I concur with JJ1 on this. I have experienced flares that last one day to several weeks. I try to keep a positive attitude and that seems to help even when my body wants to totally shut down due to the pain and exhaustion. Although I do have days when all I can do is sleep. Like JJ1 I have certain fog degrees and pain degrees that are with me daily with others visiting whenever they feel like it. Stressful times seem to be harder now as do the slightest cold or virus that seems to hang on forever. It is almost like our immune systems are lower although I have found no documentation that says as such.


jdtrust - March 7

My fibrofog went away as soon as I got OFF these anti-depressants. I'm currently just on pain killers and that has helped tremendously.


tcmby - March 9

I actually envy the people who talk about having a "flare" coz I feel like crap everyday! of course some days are worse than others, but I haven't had a pain-free day in years.... I wish I was one of those who go weeks or months symptom free and then get a flare somewhere down the road. that would be amazing! I can't even imagine it at this point... how sad is that?


JJ1 - March 9


I feel slightly crappy all the time and majorly crappy with a flare up, lol. I just get used to functioning at the slightly crappy level and don't let it bother me.


avsfan16 - March 10

i as well feel crappy all the time, however a flare up is what i would consider a bout of extreme heightened pain for a period of time. for example, my knees usually flare up about 3-4 times a year, but when they do i can hardly walk, and the pain keeps me up all night. it can last for 1 week to a month, and i have yet to find any relief for them, so i just suffer and get thru it. the rest of me however aches pretty much all the time, and when my arms flare up, again i can barely do anything with them and suffer thru it. i have tried several different drugs, and now am on amitryptiline, and i am hoping it will work. the problem is you dont really know if the drugs are working until one of these flare ups and then you just know they dont work. lol


JJ1 - March 10

Amitryptiline helped me a lot. I still get flares but they seem to be shorter and farther between.


Jean Taylor - March 25

I have extreme allover pain, IBS, and other symptoms 24/7 with maybe just an hour's break two to three times a day. For right now - a Falre would be that I am couch or bed-ridden - unable to move or function - which would be about four days a week.


teresat - March 25

WOW, Angie do I ever!! It sounds like you are in a flare constantly (you poor thing) Are you not any meds for your symptoms? I take neurotin, Cymbalta, Trazadone, flexeril on a regular basis! I also take pain meds on a daily basis. I ran out of neurotin the other day. I was only out for about 32 hrs but It sent me into a BAD flare! So I guess it does work, LOL! I have found that if I get one symptom under control then something else pops up!! I know how frustrating that can be!!


teresat - March 25

PS... that should have read "Are you taking any meds for your symptoms?"


Mrs A - March 26

Mine come sneaking up on me. And the more I find out about FMS, the more releaved I feel. cos I am not imagining things. Like the forgetfulness, lack of words.. I have become a master of explaining why I can't remember.



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