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11 Replies
Virg - October 5

I don't know if I even spelt it right. Please anyone do you get up in the mornings and sometimes just feel so off balanced and dizzy. Or even at times it just comes on during the day. I'd like to say its because I'm off effexior for two days but I don't think so because
even when I was taking it regularly dizzyness would hit me. Also if its too much then I start getting nauseouse.


barbar - October 5

We all could experience dizzyness and nausea from our medication but I also get the dizzyness and nausea and I'm pretty sure it's the FMS. Do you get severe pain in your stomach area and are you diabetic? This could be something else, excruciatingly painful but not harmful.


Virg - October 5

I agree it could be from meds which I always blamed it on. Do you have a way of handling it?


BrandyO - October 5

Hi Virg, sorry you are having this dizziness. I get vertigo now and then. Once it was so bad I ended up going to the ER. Since then I have not had such a bad spell .... knock on wood. I do hope you get to the bottom of its cause. Feel better soon! I'll be thinking of you!


Stephanie417 - October 6

I get dizzy a lot !!.. Some of it is from Allergies and sinus issues, but other times there is no explaination.. so Im sure its another Fibro thing.. Ive also had it checked out..


Virg - October 6

Thank you all so much. I had a major attack of it today and kept on doing things and after I rested I felt better.


maleighamylove - October 6

Hi Virg, thanks for your kind words to my husband and myself.
I get very dizzy too. I have been on effexor for the last 4 years or 5? I have had good results from it myself, although I can see that many have not.
I was without a Rx once for over a week, and I felt so bad thought death was coming to meet me for sure, so I would no advise going off of it unless you talk to your doctor first, there is a way that will help with the withdrawals my doc told me.
I get dizzy even in the shower when I close my eyes to wash my hair or let the water rinse me off. Sometimes I find myself at the back of the tub but thank goodness have never fallen. I also get dizzy when riding in the car even if I am driving I think this is the fibro, also when I lie down at night my whole bedroom is moving. I have had it checked out and they say it is a part of the fibro.
Hope this helps


Virg - October 6

It definitely does to the point that I'm sorry to hear someone else going through this but also relieved. Thank You
it is debilitating.


JJ1 - October 6

When I first get up in the morning I feel "unstable". I wouldn't call it dizzy per se, more like off-balance. I feel sore as well and by the time I move around a bit (sometimes within a minute or so, sometimes it can take nearly 30 min.) it goes away.


Virg - October 6

Good morning JJ1, you're an early riser as well sometime or to sore to sleep? I know what you mean by unstable. I feel like that when I'm still tired and didn't get enough sleep but can't stay in bed anymore. The dizzyness comes on after
I've been awake some. It best stay away today because its the final two days of
getting cleaning done before movers come on sunday. Have a Great Day!


Louise1959 - October 6

Hi Virg, sometimes dizziness can be due to inner ear problems, I know it is often writen off as another FMS symptom. be sure to get it checked out if it is really bothering you.


Virg - October 6

Thanks Louise, if it gets as bad as it was yesterday I'm heading straight to the doc. But my next appt I will have him look into it.



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