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dizzy, night sweats and numbness
35 Replies
belle1329 - January 13

Yes I too get all your symptoms and everyone dismisses it to Menopause, Im post Menopause, diagnosed with Fibro. Hot then cold, freezing but I think the feel of freezing is like my musles and bones are hurting sooo bad. It feels like Im cold but Im not, because when I cover up too much Im back to sweating again. I feel the burning and the numbness in arms and toes . I get electric body shocks, not just in my head infact I do not get in head often. and few headaches. Mostly Body aches. It's very frustrating!!!! I sweat because I feel hot, but then get cold, but I really dont think its cold I think its pain like the flu/fever andI associate it with feeling cold Does anyone understand what I mean by that. Good too know Im not alone though :)


[email protected] - January 31

hi there. i have been getting night sweats , dizzines and the numbness . ive been myself putting it down to my age im 47. i could be my age but now ive read your comment im begining to wonder?
may be its linked to fibromyalgia !!! what else is this dam illness going to cause ? i feel my life has been taken away from me ! i know i shouldnt talk this way as there are people worse off than me ! but sometimes at 3 in the morning crying in agorny i dont belive it . take care all xxx


krg1968 - February 15

I have been having the sweats for several years and asked my doctor about them after I started having head to toe hot flashes during the day. After checking my hormones and deciding that wasn't the problem, my Dr. presribed buspar, which has worked very well. My symptoms aren't as severe or as frequent. I'm still cold all the time, but I don't have the sweats as often or as bad.


kvc33 - February 15

I know others with FM who experience numbness, it's part of the malfuntioning nerves. I am occasionally dizzy and have night sweats when I'm stressed and at PMS and menstrual time. I'm not menopausal either, however my cycles changed at the age of thirty-five (lighter and shorter). Perimenopause can start that early and last a decade or more.


Rach_39 - January 2

I am so pleased I found this website as I now know I'm not going mad!
I was told by my GP that I had FM last year after I'd been having spasms in my neck, shoulder, back and arm for a few weeks which they originally tried to pass off as an ear infection and one doctor even suggested my glasses were too tight which was causing the pain! I was given some pain relief cream to use as I am already on morphine and a concoction of other drugs for a problem I've had since birth with my pelvis.
Since being told I have FM I've read alot about it and have managed to link lots of symptoms I've had for years to it. I was tested for ME some years ago but it was FM all the time although I can understand why they thought I had ME as alot of the symptoms are similar.
I have suffered with numbness in my hands and feet for about 4 years now and I was falling asleep at work even after a good night's sleep so after many tests I've been on stimulants for over 3 years now as I fall asleep all the time. I can be wide awake and the next second I'm gone. I then quite often say extremely random things and at first my husband wondered what was wrong but now he knows that it's the condition that makes me do it and will then wake me up. I can sometimes hear what's going on around me but it's like I'm paralysed because I can't communicate with anyone. I just sit day dreaming but I'm asleep and on occasions this has been very dangerous as my husband and I have a motorbike and it has happened when I've been pillion on it. At least with the stimulants I can now lead a more normal life but if I don't take them I am extremely sleepy all day and lethargic.
I suffer from the hot and cold sweats but so far the cold are worse. It happens in winter and summer and I feel so cold that my teeth are chattering and the only way I can get warm again is for my husband to hold me very tight and the warmth of his body works to get my temperature back up. This was very scary the first few times it happened but I've got used to it now although I don't get much warning before it happens.
I get sweats during the day and like many of you can be sweating profusely one minute then freezing cold and I've always thought it was just bad circulation until now.
I also have IBS symptoms which I understand are also linked to FM.
I haven't been given any regular tablets to take for the FM because of the amount of tablets I already take but apart from the anti-depressants I've taken most of the tablets mentioned on here.
I had a virus 4 years ago which was so severe that I ended up in Hospital overnight but the doctors couldn't explain what had caused it although this was why they tested me for ME. It was after this that all of my symptoms got much worse.
I am told by my sleep disorder doctor that there is a new drug out now which will be given to FM sufferers in approx 2 years but currently its only used for people with Narcolepsy and Cataplexy together but she went to a sleep disorder conference where they were trying to push for it to be used for FM as well. She hasn't told me the name of the drug yet but at least it gives me hope for some improvement in the not too distant future.
I used to be a Lawyer but I had to leave my job to work with my husband because of this condition as I was falling asleep whilst in conversation with clients and then I'd say something random and it was becoming a real problem.
I am just so pleased that I'm not the only one so thank you all for reassuring me that I'm not mad.



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