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dizzy, night sweats and numbness
35 Replies
Gabbie - October 15

I have those symptoms along with all the other stuff. Nothing more "fun" than waking up in sweaty pjs and flipping the pillow around to find a cool spot! Every so often I do have the dizziness that comes with nausea and seems to come out of nowhere. Whether sitting or standing when it hits, I find that taking slow, deep breaths and keep very still helps that feeling to pass. My fingers sometimes go numb especially when my hands are cold and I think that's another of the fibro things. As you said, people sometimes tell you that your symptoms are probably something else. I think people don't always know how to respond to this "illness" because we really don't look "ill". Don't feel dismissed, I think it's because they just don't quite know what to say. When we are feeling lousy from a known thing like a cold, sore throat, etc., people know how we feel and say "hope you get better soon" and tell us to have chicken soup or hot tea and lemon. With fibro, it's such a strange thing, I really think they are at a loss for words because they don't really get it, and that's why what they say comes out sounding either dumb or non-caring. So, don't let that get to you.


maxinemnoel - July 12

Hello I am a cancer survivor for the 4th time and lost both breast. for the last 2 years i have been having some severe night sweats that i wake up soaked and i am real dizzy and feel like i never slept that night at bitchy and my temper is really short.sometimes i get so frustrated i cry for hours and to top it off my boyfriend of 4 years thinks its all in my head.we fight over the air conditioner all the time,im miseriable.what the heck is this crap?????


Sonja44 - July 12

Yep, dizzy, night sweats...I get tingling in my hands when I take deep breathes. ? Have no idea why.


nuserrino - September 21

standing in 90 degree weather at a large outdoor festival just yesterday... beautiful sky, band playing decent music.. much to my dismay the group of friends that joined seemed more entertained by the fact that i had goosebumps ALL up and down my arms. suppose it could have been worse, they could've opted to comment on the sweat that was pouring from my face! while i've had the FIB (snub to the many drs still out there that contest the reality of fibromyalgia) for 12 yrs now, i've only recently began experiencing the sweat ice cube thing more frequently. although i haven't received any treatment possiblities for the phenomena i am all ears if anyone can share?


iliveinpain - September 21

I was diagnosed with fibro 10 years ago, and was suffering for many years before that. I'm 55 and I know for certain that I am in menopause. However, if you read up on what Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum says on the internet, he believes there is a very strong connection between hormone fluctuations and fibro sufferers. I was getting hot/cold/sweats every hour or so around the clock until I went on a hormone patch about 6 weeks ago. This has regulated all of that for me and it's made a world of difference. Menopause or not, maybe we all need to get our hormone levels checked, as fibro does throw that out of whack, along with everything else. Hope this helps someone out there!


pfiinch - September 21

My man cannot beleive how much i sweat he wipes my lips off because of the constant sweat.I never use to sweat and now add the cold it is totally crazy. I do have to take hrt treatment evey other month.That helps alittle and i enjoy that time frame.
I also get the brain shocks and feel like going crazy.My body gets so haot I feel like it is goin to combust when it is really bad.I take my tampature to see and it is usually up 2 degrees all at once.Wow what a whacky illness this is .I have gotten mine more under control and am so thanful.I applied for ssi and turned doen because I am working.But how can younot work and lose your insuranc and pay the bills? Can't win for loosing.


Bailey444 - October 22


I have been suffering from fibro for years and my hot flashes and sweating plus night sweats were terrible. I am 42 and never had any hormone issues,,but in trying to figure out why I am not responding well to any treatment, I came upon some info on hormone imbalances and many symptoms were the same...all my DR's said I was too young to be having hormonal problems, basic blood work showed low estrogen, but they told me that meant I finally found a DR that would do more extensive blood work...turns out that I had HUGE sex hormone imbalances and I have only been on Bio identical hormones for 6 weeks and my sweating has totally stopped, I use to sweat for about 5 hours straight in the am plus the night sweats, and I wouldn't leave the house in the hot summer, but now I am totally a deferent person. I even got my sex drive back, as well I just feel better. Now my fibro is still there, but I would highly suggest finding a doctor that will do indepth hormonal blood testing and if they tell you that you are too young....find another doctor...I heard that for 3 I have the blood work to prove it and with the bio identicals I feel great.....Try a Doctor that believes in BIO identicals and get the special blood work]]] you may not be to young, and regular blood work may not show the problem...I am telling you, I now can wear makeup more sweating for me....if only I could get rid of the fibro... Good Luck everyone...Don't give up


kassiegal - October 27

Hi I am new here
Not new to Fibro..but found this to be a great site
A symptom I have right a achy, flu like symptom and cant get warm..but no fever
Also, I have tmj, and am being treated with Prozac for GAD and anxeitys
Usually my fibro is controlled..but I have had a stressful week, and I think it has caused this flare...anyone else get that flu like feeling...


Kerrie - October 27

I have had bad dizziness for the last couple of days and getting the facial numbness which is just awful!! Luckilyi havent got the night sweats yet although I am sure its probably on the way!


Jaynie774 - October 28

I was recently diagnosed about a month ago, but have had flare ups without knowing that it was FMS for 6 to 10 years. I have had the dizzines since July on a daily basis and it is very disruptive. I have read about blood pressure dropping when you go from sitting to standing so I am going to bring it up to my Rhuemy when I see him on Monday. I have only experience the night sweats for a couple night and then they subsided.... Know about that dizzy feeling though, and I hope they can get it under control. Peace to you all & take Care of yourselves.


J. Todd - December 11

Maybe this will help someone. I was recently diagnosed with this after two years of emerging symptoms. It all started with getting Dengue Fever in Puerto Rico. Since then the symptoms have progressively gotten worse and more varied. I have just started getting night sweats in the last three nights (which is what brought me to this site). I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with menopause because I'm only 44 AND I'M A MAN !!!!! I am not on any medication for this or anything else, so it has nothing to do with that. I don't even take aspirin. I've always had great health and a high fitness level (athelete, former US Marine infantry, law enforcement officer) with an attitude that if "it" doesn't kill you, it just makes you stronger. Fibromyalgia is not making me stronger. The best I've been able to do so far is to aviod things that make me feel worse and manage my life to accomodate the issues. I used to grab a nap after work. But then I wasn't tired enough to sleep at night, so now I don't nap so that I am exhausted enough at night so that I fall into deeper sleep. I used to love to have a few drinks (mabye more). If there is any testament to this being a real problem this is it. After repeated attempts at trying to enjoy a drink here and there, I've found that I simply cannot ingest alcohol. It almost immediately makes me feel like crap. Without exception I will wake at 3:00 am, (give or take five minutes) with pain in my torso and inability to sleep. This is only with two beers folks.


jahennick - January 12

I am 44 and have had fms for about 25 yrs or so. I was finally diagnosed just last year. I have had night sweats[sweating/freezing/soaking wet bed,pillow(not just the pillowcase)clothes,hair] for many years off and on. I started hanging extra clothes and a towel right next to the bed so I didn't freeze to death trying to get dry. I would also sleep on towels (on top of sheet) and either layer them so I could just remove the top layer, or keep extra towels close by. I just woke up a oouple hours ago (it's 3:30am) after a short nap and the collar of my shirt was already wet. I've noticed that if I am dreaming, I will always get sweaty. If I wake up and don't remember having a dream, I am usually dry. I know I have PSTD also (from emotional abuse in childhood). I used to have family nightmares ALOT in my 20's-30's and always woke up soaked and shivering. The dreams I have now are not always bad, but I still wake up sweaty. I don't know if anyone else has sweating associated with dreaming, but if so, I would love to hear about it. I also started Lyrica last summer and it has been a wonderful help for me. I also have a C-spine impairment, but before Lyrica, I was to the point where I couldn't hold my upper body upright and was bent at the waist with my head hanging down. Needless to say, I spent alot of time lying down on my back and staring at the ceiling. After about 1.5-2 wks of Lyrica, I can stay upright. My shoulders are still rounded, which they have been for years, but I am upright! Not for long though. I have to lean back on some sort of head-rest to sit upright for more than a few minutes. But that's my story. Any similiar experiences?


iliveinpain - January 12

Please guys, have your hormone levels checked. It doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman, young or old. Fibro will throw your hormones out of whack. I previously posted in this thread if you want to refer to my original post from September and also read the post by Bailey444. If your doctors won't check out your hormone levels, they don't understand fibro and you need to look elsewhere. Like Bailey444, I still have my fibro pain, unfortunately, but the bio-identical hormones have given me a better quality of life. At least I can sleep at night, and not have to be constantly fanning myself throughout every day of my life, even in below zero temperatures. It's made a huge difference and I urge you all to look into it. This seems to be an extremely common thread with everyone here, so I'm thinking it has got to be "fibro" related, and not necessarily age or "menopause" related. good luck...


dkarssen79 - January 12

I have numbness in my hands and feet and dizziness. I have had night sweats in the past(when I was around 28-29 years old). I'm not 30 years old and dont have them anymore, at least not recently. I myself kept thinking ok this has to be something else when I would get new symptoms but the more I've researched and read the forums etc I've learned that pretty much every symptom I have other people have experienced.


axxie - January 13

I've had some of it, and thought it was my medication, not sure it's that. Do know, once I had my thyroid function tests done, I was not normal, get the T4 Serum thyroxine 4.6-12 ug/dl and T3 Serum Triiodothyronine 80-180 ng/dl tests done, this is not the same as just having the common tests because from one lab to another the interpretation can be different.

Not normal if you sweat and are cold, you could have other problems.


belle1329 - January 13

Yes I too get all your symptoms and everyone dismisses it to Menopause, Im post Menopause, diagnosed with Fibro. Hot then cold, freezing but I think the feel of freezing is like my musles and bones are hurting sooo bad. It feels like Im cold but Im not, because when I cover up too much Im back to sweating again. I feel the burning and the numbness in arms and toes . I get electric body shocks, not just in my head infact I do not get in head often. and few headaches. Mostly Body aches. It's very frustrating!!!! I sweat because I feel hot, but then get cold, but I really dont think its cold I think its pain like the flu/fever andI associate it with feeling cold Does anyone understand what I mean by that. Good too know Im not alone though :)



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