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dizzy, night sweats and numbness
35 Replies
fibroprof - June 25

Is there anyone out there with a diagnosis of fms who is experiencing the combination of dizziness, night sweats and numbness in hands and face? I have many other symptoms, depression, fatigue tenderness, etc., but the three in the original question are new and only some of the sites I've visited, and not my doctor agree that the night sweats especially are necessarily linked. Some sites do mention them, but it isn't consistent as are the symptoms listed for instance on this site.

Also, I'm finding that even though there is an established diagnosis from a rheumatologist, and my friends and family trust and respect my illness as real and substantiated, when I say I'm dizzy or I say I'm soaked with sweat throughout the night, people want to tell me it's "probably something else." I know that they aren't informed, but I am feeling dismissed by "it's probably menopause." I'm only 38 and no blood work shows perimenapause and my periods are regular.


nguerra - April 15

I too am only 38 and have been having terrible night sweats for over 2yrs now. Also, I am constantly feeling dizzy and spaced out. My fingers, hands, arms feel numb and the last few day have been feeling burning. My blood tests are fine except for being anemic, but not preimenapausal. I hate the night sweats the most. Night time is very stressfull for me. I wake up soaked! I feel so yuck! Apparently I've had FM for many, many years, but was dx just last June.


fibroprof - April 15

Sounds so familiar. I was also corresponding about electric shock headaches. I don't know any better way to describe the feelings I get except to say they are like electric shocks that make me dizzy. The other person said they were painful and nauseating.

Back to nightsweats, some nights I have to change my entire outfit and I change the sheets constantly. I picked up the two shirts I changed out of in the middle of the night six hours later and they were still soaked--not just damp, but really wet. My husband was astounded. I shiver and sweat at the same time, do you?

I was diagnosed 8 DAYS ago, but I had figured it out months ago (had to wait for the appt weeks). I took a semester off of my teaching to get a hold of my health (Restless legs syndrome, depression, no sleep, exhaustion, numbness, pain, and bladder and constipation probs--etc) First they said Lyme's, and I tested pos on one test, neg on another. So I did a month of antibios. Got worse, and I pressed to see a rheumatologist (they kept telling me simple depression). I never accepted that.

Neurologist said Restless Legs so I take an antiparkinson's for it; GP says depression, so I take Paxil and Wellbutrin, Rheumy now draws it together and says FMS, so I add in water therapy, heat soaks, and up the advil or naproxen when I'm really stiff and achy. I feel much better since I started the naproxen 2X daily, but the sweats and dizziness were unchanged.


Kimberley - April 22

Oh thank god.... I thought i was going nuts. I'm 29 years old and was diagnosed with fibro 11 years ago. I never had night sweats until the last 6 months. Which is the reason I'm up at 1am on a work night. I just had to get up from my sweating/freezing attack and take a shower. Now i'm in sweat pants and a sweat shirt but when i go back to bed and then in like 2 hours i'll be in the same position. It's very frustrating!!!!


fibroprof - April 22

Yes, it is both that I'm freezing cold AND sweating profusely. I also get a "fever" feeling around 4-7PM each day. I have to put on several layers and still shiver.The good side of it, my husband has to cook dinner now because all I can do is lay in bed and try to stay warm.

But, 11 years and you are only 29????? I thought this lovely disorder was for us middle aged ladies.


Kim - April 23

Well I'm pretty sure I've Fibro but still waiting for a diagnosis. I too have been suffering from terrible night sweats. In the day I find I'm either freezing cold or hot and sweaty.


fibroid - April 27

Hot/cold at the same time. Sweats/hot flashes. Brain spins and roaring in the ears. Yep, I've got it all, too, as well as too many other symptoms to mention here. But I've been thinking it's drug withdrawal for me. I was dx'd over 20 years ago, have taken every Rx known for fibro with fair to lousy results. Two years ago I allowed myself to become a guinea pig and got on the Swiss merry-go-round with SSRI's and SNRI's. They tell you "Oh, it's a new kind of anti-depressant and since other AD's work for fibro, sometimes, let's give one of these new ones a try." They're not "just another kind of anti-depressant." They are neurotransmitters, essential brain chemicals. Their activities and interactions are poorly understood and I am walking proof that too much of too many of them piled on top of each other is a very bad idea. The combination of too much of too many created symptoms and behavior which led to my being mis-diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, which led to further bad prescribing. I decided to stop taking EVERYTHING about 6 weeks ago, after I had a major melt-down at work and had to quit. I have been supervised by a fibro specialist in stopping everything, but it's been absolute hell. The constant brain spins and roaring ears, the sweats and the hot/cold stuff all started AFTER I began the tapering process and it's not getting better. The further out I get from the last dose of the last drug (there were 14 or 15 once upon a time), the worse the dizziness and sweats get. Cure worse than the disease? You betcha!


fibroprof - May 7

I'm sure you're onto something about the withdrawal and the correlation with your dizziness and sweating--but for those of us who aren't under withdrawal or over prescribed, it seems too coincidental that we are fibro-freezer-sweaters--great new term I made up, huh?


Nancy - May 10

Hi. I do get hot and cold. Sometimes the cold is so bad I shake and have to wrap myself in blankets. There will also be stretches of time when I wake up dizzy and can't walk straight. I walk into walls. It was so bad one time that I ended up vomiting. FM is a terrible collection of body responses and I so wish progess was moving faster on developing some answers to help us.


Zapper - June 7

Oh man... why don't doctors know this stuff? When mentioned to my doc I get the usual "uh huh"... "you're 48, that is to be expected." I have been telling my husband that I have some kind of "temperature regulation" problem going on because it seems so difficult for my body to regulate the hot/cold. I am either freezing or sweating! Where is the happy medium? Guess I'm just another fibro-freezer-sweater :) I have to pull off layers and layers, practically down to my bra, repeatedly during the day as I get the sweats... then next thing I'm freezing and looking for my various sweaters that I ditched a few hours before. Been having the night "drenching" for about 3 years... some months worse than others. Those who haven't experienced it don't realize what a really awful experience it is.

I'm so glad others have written about this. Once again, sorry to hear that others are having these symptoms... but glad that I'm not going nuts.


Jen - June 25

I am so glad I am not the only one. I am 27 and was diagnosed with FM when I was 23. I had night sweats early on and then they disappeared until about 3 months ago. Now it is horrible. I wake up a couple of hours early almost every morning completely soaked. Since my clothes and my sheets are all wet, I can't go back to sleep. Now I am getting very cranky. My doctor has been running a bunch of blood tests, but so far everything is normal. Any solutions?


amberbriseno - August 17

it was so nice to here others out there with the same problems, i just wish i heard some cures. I too have the cold sweats but mine is not at night only. i am 34, my hands are cold and like ice cubles,. they are frozen stiff, like they have frost bite, but my head and body are sweating perfusly, right now during the day in my office. it is not freezing in here. i have trouble holding a pen or evenm typing this memo. . then i will get so soaked from the sweating that i will get chilled to the bone and shake crazily. . does anyone else have this during the day???

i was also so happy to hear someone else explain that they had the electric shocks that make them dizzy. i swear i have been trying to explain that for years to No avail! no doctor seems to have even heard of it. i say i get electric shocks in my head that make me dizzy and they are lost,. I dont know what to tell them but I am worried.

this is no life. the doctors need to find some cure for this. them edications arent hel[pikng. I cant continue to work like this. its not fair to my employer and its killing me too.

luckily this happened with my cold hands when i saw my primary doctor so she set up an emergecny appt with the circalator surgeaon and with kaiser that meant a week later but when i showed up to that appt it wasnt doing that anymore so he had no clue what it could be. I told him it isnt cold whether that brings it on cuz it happens inside int he office and that seems to be what stumpe4d him.

does anyione else get it during the day too. has anyone else gotten an actual answer or help from the doctors?


BreeZ - August 19

i've been suffering with night sweats as well as day sweats and cold flashes.. as i call them. It's just crazy.. i can be on fire and sweaty one min and then the next i'm shivering..In fact i seem to manage being hot and cold at the same time often.. My head gets sweaty and i have cold bumps on my arms.. and if that's not bad enough.. i get so down at times that i can laugh and cry at the very same time.. one minute laughing like crazy and the next sad and and tears running down my face back and forth from one to the other .. Not sure if this is hysteria.. i've never had the nerve to tell the docs about it.. afraid they'll have me committed!


gothceltgirl - August 28

I get numbness in my hands and feet, dizziness and night sweats like crazy. I thought I was have early menopause. I'm only 32. It doesn't happen that often lately *knock wood*, but I know how you feel.


ofd123 - October 14

I find it's hard not to be manic feeling when you are totally exhausted from lack of sleep. Woke up sweating with heavy aching arms and shoulders yet again. Would rather sit here bleary eyed on computer looking for an answer / solution than even attempt to sleep with such a feeling of impending doom.

Fibro SUX.

If you can't laugh/cry because it's 4am and you are watching your first episode of Gunsmoke in years, when can you? Oh well, I guess it could be worse...could be Dynasty reruns at this time of night / morning?

Sorry, it's either the brain fog or lack of sleep - kind of like the chicken and the egg...hard to tell which came first.

Either way, still would be nice to have one full night of sleep. sigh.


lisa1 - October 14

I too have all of the above but I find that the worst times of day are late afternoon 4-7 then I fell al little better. then the middle of the night I am up every hour on the hour. It is either pain along with sweating and a feeling of unrest. I also have alot of pain in my rib cage area and my heart beats like crazy. My rheumatolgist tells me this is all normal. I am lucky because she specializes in FM.


Gabbie - October 15

I have those symptoms along with all the other stuff. Nothing more "fun" than waking up in sweaty pjs and flipping the pillow around to find a cool spot! Every so often I do have the dizziness that comes with nausea and seems to come out of nowhere. Whether sitting or standing when it hits, I find that taking slow, deep breaths and keep very still helps that feeling to pass. My fingers sometimes go numb especially when my hands are cold and I think that's another of the fibro things. As you said, people sometimes tell you that your symptoms are probably something else. I think people don't always know how to respond to this "illness" because we really don't look "ill". Don't feel dismissed, I think it's because they just don't quite know what to say. When we are feeling lousy from a known thing like a cold, sore throat, etc., people know how we feel and say "hope you get better soon" and tell us to have chicken soup or hot tea and lemon. With fibro, it's such a strange thing, I really think they are at a loss for words because they don't really get it, and that's why what they say comes out sounding either dumb or non-caring. So, don't let that get to you.



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