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Dizzy dame
3 Replies
canadacalling - June 8

I am suffering from extreme dizzyness at the present time, when I roll over in bed or get up from reading a book I find it takes a few minutes to reach my destination(like the phone) on just walking to another room because of the dizzyness. I spin, the room does not, but this is so debilitating. I was diagnosed with some positional vertigo, but this comes on alot now. It seems like every week it is something new. I have had this thing for a loooong time. It sure undermines your self assurance. Who knows...

Thanks for taking the time to answer.


kentucky girl - June 8

I have never had dizziness before until last week when it struck out of the blue. It side lined me for 3 days. My doctor said it was inner ear problems, but after reading the associated conditions on the left side of the page, I think it may be mostly associated with FMS. Even though I took steroids for 7 days and it got some better, it's not completely gone. I definitely am not as bad as I was in the beginning. I couldn't walk and movement made me nauseaous.

I will talk to my PCP on my next visit about this.
What else can happen to me? I already have pain, IBS, esophageal spasms, headaches, fibro fog and now the balance issues. Seems like every days, something else is added. Some days, I feel as if I can't deal with anything more!

Thanks for being here for the compassion and understanding.


Noca - June 8

You on any medications? I used to have bouts of dizziness that we as you said debilitating. I tried treating it with tension techniques. Some dizziness is caused by low blood pressure sometimes. Try flexing your entire body like you would your arm for 10 seconds at a time(keep breathing while doing this). This will raise your overall blood pressure and should treat your dizziness if that was the cause.


Sonja44 - June 9

When I first started having symptoms (CFIDS/FM) my blood pressure would drop for no reason (not Orthostatic Hypotension which is posisional). It is called NMH or Neurolly (sp?) Mediated Hypotension. Anyway, I was blacking out from turning my head too fast.

I was put on a high blood pressure med at its lowest dosage to regulate my heartbeat and it keeps my blood pressure from dropping too low.

Good luck



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