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3 Replies
nburnett5 - January 4

OMG!!! What is this??? I have never felt this dizziness before. I read up on the different types of dizziness on this site. But what Im feeling is this nauseating, stomach flip/flop, wanna faint type of feeling. I have to walk really slow and move my head ever so slowly to look around. It started this morning. Nothings diff. in my diet, meds, vitamins. Sleep is still bad (nothing new there) Pain is mostly in my neck front/back, shoulder and chest for the past week. I have started walking in the park every other day. (figured wether I exercise or not, I'll still feel pain, so Im walking now. Mind you, I used to be a heavy weight lifter and runner all my life.
I do use my reading glasses, but that's all I need them for.


JavaGirl - January 4

I have been plagued with dizziness for months now. I ended up at an ENT and had to get an MRI to make sure nothing going on in my head (like tumors, etc.). Mine is inner-ear related, but dizziness can be caused by so many things, it's not even funny. One of the hardest things to diagnose and is also one of the crazy fibro symptoms. My only advice is that if it persists, please get it checked out. Is your blood pressure normal? This can also cause dizziness--whether too high or too low. Good luck!


nburnett5 - January 5

Thanks JavaGirl---
This is my first time dealing with this. Didn't actually realize it was a symptom of fibro. I can't imagine another a day with this. I literally can't move my head too fast while standing in one spot. Its been two days now. But I guess it's freaking me out because it's so intense. I read about the inner-ear problem. My blood pressure is always on the low normal side because Ive been a runner since I can remember. Track & Field all my school days and after my 3 kids, that I was always told my pressure will always be low because of being a runner. I don't even know what too low is frankly. I guess I should look into that.
ANOTHER QUESTION JAVAGIRL; What other things symptoms are relative to your inner-ear problem and can they treat that??? Thnks for the help.


JavaGirl - January 5

Well, I went through a bunch of crazy testing with my ENT to diagnose the inner ear thing. I think it's important to first try to get an accurate diagnosis or at least to "rule out" other causes of the dizziness, since it can be related to so many things. If you do, in fact, get diagnosed with some sort of inner ear disorder (like Meniere's, which is what I was diagnosed with), there are some options for treatment. Recently, my doctor suggested that I begin taking a mild diuretic which should relieve some of the pressure in the ears to help control the dizziness and ringing. I haven't started it yet as I am loathe to begin another medication. However, I'm suffering from a lot of vertigo, too, so may begin it soon. Sorry I don't have more info at this time. My diagnosis was fairly recent.



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